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Transfer Instagram followers to another account

If you have decided to quit managing your personal account and start running the professional one, because you don’t have time for both, you might be thinking about transferring all of your followers from one Instagram account to another new one.

How to transfer the subs? Is there a free and safe way to do so? Can you merge the subscribers from two accounts into one big audience?

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The answer to all of these questions is no, you cannot do it automatically, but you definitely can do it manually if you have enough time.

If we are talking about transferring more than a hundred subscribers to another page, you’d better use some paid third party services that allow gathering a list of subscribers from one profile and then using it to follow these people from another profile page of yours.

To find a decent service that would allow you to do so, check the reviews from the people who have already had a chance to use it — they will definitely write about the cons of it so you could be aware of what is going to happen. 

There is one more option that you should consider. If you’ve been running a pretty successful personal account, you might not need to create a new one — just announce that you’re going to start your own brand on your account and that from this moment on you’re going to post here about it.

If you still need space for personal stories and a possibility to share your private life with the closest friends, you can create a group of “close friends” whom you’re going to share all of that with.

It’s great that today Instagram gives a good chance to divide business and personal without having to create several profiles and spending tons of time on posting something on both of them.

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However, you shouldn’t forget about the fact that follow-for-follow is not the only option that you can use to make your profile bigger.

Surely, asking your friends, family and acquaintances to support your business and help you out with starting on Instagram is a nice idea, yet you probably still don’t have enough good mates to give your brand’s page a good leg-up when you’re starting.

To fix the gap you can turn to paid services that allow you to buy Instagram followers in any amount and cover up the fact of you not having enough subs in the beginning.

This period of time is the harshest one for Instagrammers — you can become a great influencer in the future, but when you have 10 subs on your count it’s very hard to engage strangers and make them believe that your content is worth following. 

Fortunately for you, it is easily fixable — start with “merging” the audiences following people from your old or personal account, than invite the subs you have on Facebook and other social media to follow you on Instagram as well (cross-posting works great in general).

And then take on paid options: buy subscribers, order analytics of your profile and ask for help with working on a content plan.

For that you might find one specialist or you can prepare the content plan yourself and find a nice online company to buy subs from. It all depends on the amount of money that you are ready to invest into your account’s promotion. 

There are many programs that allow you to quickly and efficiently collect data about a particular account.

If you need to collect a list of subscribers, this is also not a problem — moreover, some services sort them by the date of the last activity, comments left on your page and a number of other parameters.

This is quite convenient so that in the process of merging audiences, you can also weed out “dead souls”, that are fakes and bots that were subscribed to you.

You don’t need to transfer them to a new page — besides, there is a high probability that these pages have already been deactivated, and they won’t react on follow for follow.

Make sure that you’re creating a complex and thought-through promo campaign, otherwise you’re risking spending money over nothing. If you’ve decided to buy a pack of subs, make sure that you’re not purchasing thousands of followers for a small account.

If you have a newly created profile, add some thumbs up and comments to the subscribers you’re going to buy — it will help with making your page look naturally successful and interesting to others.

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