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Track Instagram followers

Each and every person who tries to promote their online profile on Instagram has to track the progress — and the necessity to track Instagram followers is definitely on that list. “I’m tracking the number of my followers over time, isn’t that enough?”

Track Insta followers - Vip IG

Well, for a basic level it is enough, but if you really strive to make your page better, you need to see how many inactive subs you have, how many fakes are following you and how many real people are there for your content and ready to be your potential clients, if you’re on Insta for your brand.

And even though all of that is possible through the regular Instagram app, people prefer more detailed statistics that are available only on the side websites and side services. Are those needed and should those be free or paid?

Best app to track Instagram followers

There are many apps that offer people to keep track of their Insta subs, and some of them are free. But there is a small catch: most of those apps are free for a limited period of time, and after it goes by you’ll be offered to purchase the premium version of the app or quit it.

It’s not fair and it looks like a trap, but all labor should be paid — and the labor of programmers isn’t an exception. They worked hard to create a worthy product, so why should random people get it for free?

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In any case, when you’re choosing which app to use, make sure that you’re getting the one with the full list of options that you need. Some people prefer to know exactly who has unfollowed them and when, some would be okay with just a number of unsubscribed people on a daily or weekly basis.

Different apps offer different ranges of analytics and you shouldn’t just randomly pick one, you have to choose what suits you and then make a purchase. Rely on your personal needs only and don’t listen to people who have had similar experiences.

They know nothing about your situation and your needs and you know nothing about theirs — so we wouldn’t recommend you using anyone’s promo story as a blueprint of yours, it’s just very inefficient and will take your money and efforts away for nothing.

If you have no clue what to do with your account, make sure to consult with a specialist. Don’t try to do everything on your own, as it is not.

How to track Instagram followers

But if you have not so many followers, you can easily track them without any paid services — you can find ghost subs by hand, you can find your lost subs by simply going through the list of your followers and deciding whether you want to keep following them in return or not.

New subscribers are usually not hard to find — all the notifications about the newest subscriptions are always coming to your device and you have a nice possibility to track them like this.

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However, if that is not enough, we’d recommend you to look for a more convenient option and put some money into the process of your profile’s development and promotion.

That would work great with using a chance to buy Instagram followers — often enough we notice that we have some kind of gap on our subs count that we don’t know how to eliminate. Purchasing real followers for Insta could really help with that — and yes, the key word here is real, you don’t need bots in your subs list for sure.

But if there are going to appear real people who are keen on working with a decent promo agency that takes care of the services’ quality, it’s going to be great! 

To conclude: analyze the activity and the metrics of your account, be careful with what you’re buying and plan everything ahead. If you do that, you’re going to succeed at Insta in no time!

Do not be tempted to use only free packs with subs, it will not end well: if you want cool results, you will have to invest in what you do and spend some money on your account. At least after that, you can confidently expect that he will repay you in kind.

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