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Search Instagram comments by user

Sometimes we really need to find that one comment that has to be deleted or reacted to in one way or another.

However, we sometimes don’t have that unreal memory to figure out where that comment was left by you or somebody else.

In situations like this, knowing how to search for Insta comments by a specific user can be really helpful: no matter if this is a public comment or you need to find something in a private account, we will give you several methods that would work equally well. Let’s start!

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Searching for Instagram commentary can be done using a command console. To do this go to the Insta post that you’re considering the one that was commented on: tap Command + F — after that you’ll get a search box at the top of the page.

There, insert your buzzwords and keywords (name of user) and start searching. Yes, this is a manual technique and you have to be patient — if the comments section for your post is huge, it will probably take some time, as Insta uploads only 120 commentaries in one go.

However, if you’re not dealing with a huge post that has tons of opinions, you can use this method pretty efficiently and without any problems. 

The next way to search for commentaries left by a certain person is to use good old Google: the only nuance you need to hold in your memory is a specific way you should insert the search data.

First type in site:[] and then add the keywords, which can be the person’s username or some words they have definitely used in that commentary. This method works equally well for popular and not so popular posts on Insta.

Searchig comments in Google - Vip IG

If you have access to the account which comments you want to find, you can download the data using the path settings -> security ->download data. After you do it, you’ll get an email with several files which will come to an address that you have used to register this account.

As we have mentioned it will include several files, one of them will hold all the commentaries that were left on this page. Using it and a simple search in a document you’ll be able to quickly find the exact commentary you needed.

Document with comments - Vip IG

And if you’re not in the mood to search for a commentary of a certain user by hand, you can always turn to the paid services that allow you to find whatever you need as quickly as possible. Icono square and Picodash are one of the good ones.

They offer not only a possibility to find a commentary, but also analyze the data related to your account’s promotion and growth on Instagram platform. And that’s very important, if you’re trying to sell your services and products to the audience you have.

Not only this, but the paid services for development can help you as well: use a chance to buy Instagram comments if you’re interested in making your profile seem like an already popular and banging page.

The more adequately written and on topic notes you have for each of your photos and videos, the better; moreover, IG algorithms will treat you better as well — you can await for your publications appearing in other people’s feed way more often.

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