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Non active Instagram followers

Non active IG subs are giving hell to most of us by lowering our statistics results: that’s why everyone who’s taking care of their business pages should know exactly how to remove them from their followers count. 

That’s quite easy to do, all you need is to go to this user’s profile and press on the button “following you”. From grey it will become blue again — it means that the account is not following you anymore.

But how do you figure out if they are fake and bot or if they’re just a user who’s not using Insta frequently? To understand you’d have to spend some time on reading their bio and looking through the recent posts.

Sometimes the situation is even easier: bots usually don’t have any publications, have weird usernames and several thousands of people in their subscriptions.

If you see an account like this, you should definitely remove it: it does nothing good to your page, only weighs it down and makes the statistics worse than they actually are.

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If you don’t have any time to put into the process of searching for fakes, you can always apply for help from the professional IG promoters who work with profiles complexly or you can choose an easier way and use a paid service or an app that looks for fakes in your subs.

These programs also offer to remove the fake subs in bulk — that’s a handy tool to use if your aim is to purge the fake subs sufficiently. However, if you don’t want to pay any money and you need to do it one time only, you can always use a trial version that most of these services and apps offer.

Don’t forget to quit the subscription later though!

But if you care for statistics you should also keep in mind that your accounts reputation will probably live off of the number of subscribers that you have.

To fix the gap that has formed because of the fakes’ deletion, you can buy Instagram followers — make sure that you’re purchasing them from a decent company that has reviews from previous clients and has a working tech support group to fix the problems if they arise.

You don’t want to gain fake subs instead of the inactives that you have already removed: make sure that you’re purchasing the subscriptions from real people who’re keen on cooperating for a reward (that’s how promo companies usually work with people who become somebody’s subs).

If you see that the company doesn’t have many positive reviews and that they are actually not that experienced in online promotion, look for another resource to get subs.

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