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My Instagram followers is wrong

If you’re trying to develop your Instagram profile and check the number of followers carefully and daily, you might have seen this glitch happening. Instagram often shows a different number of subscribers when you log in to the app from different devices.

Why is this happening and how can I fix my subs count? There is no need to fix it: in fact, the main reason is that the Instagram cache can slow down and make errors.

One of these errors will be an incorrect display of the number of subscribers: to fix it, you just need to exit the app, clear its cache (or reinstall it) and log in to Instagram again.

You can tighten things up by rebooting the phone — usually after such manipulations, everything quickly returns to normal.

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If this is not your problem, then you need to remember whether you have ever winded up the number of subscribers for your account.

If you bought subscribers in a not very reliable place (and you could have been provided with bots instead of real people), it is quite possible that Instagram itself cleaned up the number of subscribers for you, removing the poor quality ones — that is bots and other inactive and deleted accounts.

You can breathe out and wait for the count of subs to become even again. 

If you need to know the exact number of subscribers right now, you can check using the desktop version of Instagram. Mainly, it always shows the number of subscribers, likes and comments correctly — for some internal reasons, apps on phones do not always load up-to-date information.

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In general, you will not be able to directly influence the changed number of subscribers in any way — even if you try to contact technical support directly, they are unlikely to process your request quickly and promptly.

In addition, the responsibility for the number of subscribers usually lies solely on the owner of the profile. If you are developing your account and you really need this number to remain unchanged and grow, you can find support from a company that allows you to buy Instagram followers.

The most important thing is that they are real people, and not bots or fakes — such a purchase will sooner or later end with the same loss of subscribers that you are facing now.


Why is my number of followers on Instagram wrong?

It might be because a) Instagram app cache is overflowed and the app cannot upload the up-to-date information evenly b) you have previously bought bot subscribers and now Instagram has deleted them. 

The first problem can be fixed by clearing the cache, reuploading the app and rebooting the phone. The first problem cannot be fixed directly, but you can buy subs once again and make sure that you’re purchasing real ones this time.

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