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Losing Instagram followers

Randomly losing followers on Instagram is something that all of us are afraid of — when there is seemingly no reason to it and you think that you have done everything right, this process might become a hard thing to realize and take a grip on.

However, even the influencers who have millions of subscribers might be suddenly losing them, and it happens not because they are posting something wrong (well, sometimes this is a cause as well); most of the time the algorithm works in a way that’s not efficient to the users at all. How’s that possible?

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First of all we would like to mention that if your question is “why am I rapidly losing thousands of followers that I bought?” the answer is — you have probably gone wrong with a company you’ve purchased them from.

Yes, even reliable companies sometimes have glitches and sometimes their followers are unsubscribing from pages due to personal reasons, but that happens rarely and the managers are always contacting clients to warn them about this situation.

Soon enough the leaks are fixed and everything is fine again; but if you’re facing the bug where there are tons of subs unsubscribing from your business page, it is probably because this page has been working with the bots and now Instagram is deactivating them, blocking them from using the platform.

The leaks might also be fixed, but think twice if you need it — bot and fake subs can seriously and negatively affect your profile’s statistics.

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Yes, even celebrities are sometimes losing a lot of subs due to something they have said or done, but this situation is not that common to people who have less than a million of subs on their count.

Analytics show that the biggest leaks are happening when you’re weakening your content game, when you are not posting regularly (posts and stories), when you are not paying attention to what’s happening in the comments section and when you are thinking that you shouldn’t put effort into interacting with your audience on IG.

People see it all and decide to unfollow, even though they might have loved your content and wanted to see more from you. So yes, the most common reason why you’re suddenly losing lots of people is that you have stopped putting as much effort into posting and cultivating your online audience. 

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? 

However, even if you’re posting regularly and qualitatively, even if you’re trying to stay in touch with your people, sometimes it is not enough and you might be losing so many subs everyday without knowing the particular reason.

If you’re facing this problem of constantly leaking subs, keep your head up and turn to help from professional promoters. You should already know that even if you have 100 new followers, ⅓ of them will ten to one unsubscribe due to various reasons.

Leaks like this shouldn’t bother you; but if you’re aiming to develop your profile quickly and intensively, definitely ask for help from people who have been working in this sphere for years.

They will analyze your profile and give you a brief on what might be going wrong: trust us, it’s not only about quality content and enough time online with your audience.

Sometimes you just need a right target set in your business account, or the right highlights which will tell your people everything they need to know about the product or service and cover all of their uncertainties.

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“But all of my followers who have joined me recently are unsubscribing so fast, what do I do wrong?” If this is what’s happening, go back to the previous paragraph — you’re probably not posting and not doing enough for your audience. 

If you need a quick fix, you can always buy Instagram followers and cover all your needs in a certain number of subs. Just make sure that you are not cooperating with a company that’s using bots: you need real IG users only, as they will be able to show positive impact on your profile’s statistics. 


How to stop losing followers on Instagram?

There might be lots of reasons to why you are losing subscribers: you might not be doing enough for your audience, you might be not so good at keeping up with the posting schedule and you might not know your target audience too well to sell them products and services that you need to sell.

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Fortunately, there are decisions for each of these problems: to keep your posting up you can create a content-plan and keep an eye on it through the month; to realize who are your potential buyers you can hire a targetologist; to make the visuals brighter and more appealing, you can hire a graphic designer.

Everything is solvable, you just have to invest your time and money in it. 

How to know what followers I’m losing on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Insta today does not offer any section or tab which would show who exactly has unfollowed you and how long this person was your sub in the first place.

But, there are paid and free services that offer such statistical summaries: you can easily look them up on AppStore, GoogleMarket and other platforms. 

Where to see losing followers on Instagram?

You can see the major amount of followers on your main page. Moreover, you can check the statistics tab, if you’re running a business page.

There you will be able to see how many subs you’ve gained or lost in percent — that’s quite helpful to know if you’re trying to compare your profile’s activity overtime and create a strategy of future development.

If you’re in need of more detailed statistics, make sure to connect your profile to Facebook for Business. It might seem hard to master, but today there are enough tutorials and helpful lessons on YouTube and other social media.

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