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Instagram views counter

Some people tend to post more videos than photos on Instagram — it is common for brands accounts and other specific profiles that have to share more information with their audience than personal pages.

Instagram video counter - Vip IG

The owners of such pages usually question, does Instagram count multiple views by the same person, how to check these views and is there a chance to gain more plays without gaining more followers? All of these questions are going to be answered further:

  1. Insta does count multiple plays from one person, but it divides the whole statistics about the views into 2 separate categories: reach and impressions.

    Easy to guess, the first one goes to the amount of plays from one person, and the second one goes to the actual number of views from the different people.

    Both of the parameters show an influence on your statistics and on the way that IG algorithms “treat” your content. The higher your indicators are, the more Insta algorithms will be showing your videos in the feed of your subscribers.

Instagram multiple views from the same person - Vip IG

          2. To check the amount of plays you should look under your own video — right there you will see the number next to the “views” word. It shows how many plays your video got.

However, sometimes the views counter can stop working — it’s related to the whole story of Instagram trying to get rid of the numbers of likes and plays. IG isn’t yet consistent about this new policy, so lots of people are saying that they start and stop seeing their likes and views from time to time.

          3. If you are interested in gaining more plays without attracting more followers to your profile, try telling your audience about each new video that you are posting. Create stories with some additional information about your videos and leave a link to a post there — this method, actually, works brilliantly.

Moreover, it uplifts the statistics even more, as stories are a great tool of interacting and engaging your audience into your profile’s life.

“There are still not enough plays for my videos! That’s not fair, I work so hard on them!” Well, you can always apply for help from professional promoters.

You can work with an individual social media promoter or with a company — the second option gives you a chance to buy Instagram video views that are quite demanded if you want to make other people believe that you have a successful profile.

Combining this promo method with generating quality content, processing your videos to make them look professional and sleek will make miracles to your Insta account and its statistics! Don’t spare the money and invest into your future success — it will come in no time with some professional help.

Instagram views - Vip IG

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