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Instagram story views

How does it work, when people order Instagram story views and promote their stories by people viewing their content more than once?

Yes, you can get that service today but before that we have to figure out how you can get it safely and how does the algorithm see that purchase as dangerous sometimes (and what to do to make it not showing like this)?

Instagram story - Vip IG

So each story has a list of people who have viewed it. And this is the main document of each story that helpful IG algorithms analyze the content that you post right away and after 24 hours of it being posted.

If Insta sees that your videos have been viewed primarily by bots, it is going to draw certain conclusions and you’re not going to like it: your page will be treated as if it is a bot page itself, and you’re going to no more get into the recommendations of other people. 

When you see that such a service is free, beware. Promotion on Insta costs money, and when somebody offers you something for free, it is almost certainly going to be of a poor quality.

While you really need topnotch support: if you’d decide to take on some plays, you have to make sure that you’re buying them from real people — to be clear, from a company that works with real people who are keen on watching something on IG more than once.

Only then you can be sure in upcoming results and in your profile’s good reputation. 

Can you see who views your Instagram story

Can u see how many times someone has viewed your story or post if they don’t follow you? All of that is going to be fixed in your statistics, it doesn’t matter if they are your subscriber or not. “Can I somehow get a list of these people?”

The easiest way would be going on your IG daily videos and checking the list of people who’ve watched it. Nobody can hide from that, while photo posts don’t give information like this — you can view them freely and it won’t be displayed anywhere in people’s accounts.

It doesn’t apply to highlights, as these are more lookalike of regular Insta posts as of daily stories. But how to figure out whether you’re getting enough plays and enough thumbs up?

It can be very difficult for those people who have just begun their journey into the world of online promotion, and if you’re one of those people you can ask for help from the professional SMM specialists.

Yet we wouldn’t recommend spending money on that if you already know that you need to buy Instagram story views, or thumbs up, or followers — it takes a little time and thought to figure out how many you need and when exactly you need them.

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You should also know that combining several paid promo services in one pack works great — for example, you can reach results faster if you use plays packages and subscribers packages at once, as your profile is going to look more balanced and promoted all at the same time.

It is best to use 2 to 5 paid promo options at once, but in small portions; we highly don’t recommend to purchase thousands of thumbs up or thousands of subs in one go. It might turn out very bad for your statistics and for your profile’s reputation. 

We would like to note that daily videos is a unique format that keeps IG afloat. Other social networks have tried to adopt it, but nothing comparable in effectiveness has worked out for them.

Therefore, bloggers actively use them to stay in touch with the audience at any time: many IG users note that they have stopped using the usual feed to the same extent, it has ceased to be interesting to them.

Stories offer a bunch of different formats, surveys, contests, stickers, interesting ways to design and submit content, so often all you need is just to follow trends and remain yourself, bring a piece of yourself into everything that happens.

Do not doubt yourself and just try to talk about what is happening to you, with your brand — people really love the inner kitchen and are ready to follow with pleasure the personal details from the lives of bloggers and their favorite online initiatives.

Having an understanding of this, you can easily find a common language with people who subscribe to you, as well as offer them interesting publications and engaging interactivity.


How to see Instagram story views on PC?

It is going to work the same as you would do it on your smartphone. The only difference is that the eye icon that symbolizes the amount of plays you got on your daily videos is going to be to the right from the video itself.

Look there and find the number that’s going to show how many times people have seen your stories today. Though it is more convenient to check statistics on the stories using the app on the smartphone.

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