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Instagram followers tracker

Maintaining an Instagram profile includes not only regular posting of content, but also an analysis of what is happening. This is necessary in any case, even if you do not set yourself big monetization goals.

Anyway, the analysis should include not only tracking the number of likes and comments (yes, this is also an analysis!), but also tracking the number of subscribers and how they are distributed by gender, age and place of residence.

All these parameters are available in profile statistics if you have a business account, you don’t need to go “outside” the Instagram app at all. 

Tracker Instagram - Vip IG

If you still haven’t switched, now is the time to do it. This option will open up many new functions in front of you, and you will not need to connect paid services for analysis from the outside.

In fact, such services make sense only if you need to isolate fake accounts and remove them from the list of your subscribers. Online statistics can suffer greatly from the ghost subs, so if you are puzzled by it, you need to pay attention to it.

There is an ultimate best apk that allows you to gather very detailed statistics for Instagram profile, but you need to understand if you need it. Often people overestimate their needs, because they want to do the most, even if they have a profile in which there are literally 10 publications.

You will be surprised, but you can do most of the analysis yourself. Outside help in the form of a service or a specialist is required only for those profiles that already have at least several thousand subscribers and are set up for serious monetization.

In all other cases, you should just calm down, sit down and figure out on your own what and when you want from your account.

Insta followers tracker - Vip IG

Perhaps the only thing you can’t do yourself is to quickly and significantly increase the number of subscribers in order to raise your reputation and weight in the eyes of other users and possible advertisers (if that’s your goal).

And in this case, the opportunity to buy Instagram followers can come to your aid very well. You need to make sure that you are buying real subs who will be real people with their preferences and completed profiles.

In no case do not use this option if you know that the company offers you nothing other than the purchase of bots. Bots will harm you — in some cases, accounts that bots subscribe to en masse even end up in a shadow ban.

And in this case, you will have to say goodbye to your account and start a new one, since this one will be in a bad account with the Instagram algorithms.


Is it safe to use Instagram followers tracker?

Yes, trackers are completely safe and help big Instagram profiles to analyze and organize statistics that was gained according to different metrics.

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