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Instagram followers hack

To find a hack that would bring you an unlimited source of free, real and permanent Instagram followers that will come to your profile auto and in seconds — that’s what all of us are dreaming about.

Sad but true: it is hardly possible, even though you can always find an Android or iPhone app (apk), service, website (if we talk about PC) that will offer you exactly what you want. However, no matter what amount they are promising — 500, 1k, 5 000, 10 000 or 100k — the result will always be the same.

Most of the time the subs will start coming and then your profile will suddenly be blocked. How is it possible and why is there no “hack” that could help you to safely increase the number of subs instantly and without any risks?

Hack followers - Vip IG

Long story short, IG policy towards “hackers” and non-official apps became way stricter than it was previously.

That’s why the roots of those apps are lost and you cannot download them in official stores anymore: to figure out if there is software for computer (mac or windows) that can help you with attaining more subs you should check Reddit, Github and other lookalike platforms where people share their experiences in “advanced managing” of their accounts. 

Do you want to spend some money on acquiring more subscribers or would you like to do everything for free?

If you choose the second option, the only way for you to do so would be mass following people (who might potentially be interested in your content — that’s important!) or taking on the free trials from the companies that do social media development.

To boost the subs, easy and fast, take on the second method, but if you are ready to try and merge two audiences (fake and real one) together, you can use the mass following.

And honestly, this method is the best way to get active subs in Insta — even if several hundreds out of 1000 people whom you will be able to get as your subs will show some activity on your profile it will be great! It’s way better than “followers generator” that would attract only bots and fakes to your account.

Online generator followers - Vip IG

But can you gain more subscribers without following people? Yes, it is now your turn to use the paid services that give a chance to buy Instagram followers. You can get a lot of subs in seconds by clicking on several buttons: the only thing you should care about is checking whether or not this company deserves your trust.

Today there are way too many resources that claim to give professional help and leave their clients with nothing in result: some of them are delivering fake bot subs only, some of them are simply taking their clients money and ignore them afterwards.

None of those strategies are trustworthy — so, before deciding that you want to buy 10k subs from them, check the reviews and maybe look for people who have already bought something from them. How to decide if the company is worth your trust? Several dozens of positive reviews and no extremely negative ones would be enough, really.

Instagram Followers Declining - Vip IG

“What if my bought subs are unfollowing me?” Well, this is a problem that many people run into and the answer is: the company that you’ve bought these subs from is probably having some difficulties with retaining the same amount of people who are able to become somebody else’s subscribers.

Such bugs happen, and you don’t need to try and look for support in other places (seek for python codes to “hack” you IG account or look up special soft on Mediafire) — soon enough the problem will be fixed. If you are worried, contact them via support group or write them an email. If this is a trustworthy company, they will reply to you asap. 

Instagram followers hack without human verification

If you are bothered about a fact that you need to go through human verification yet you wouldn’t like to insert your name or any other data on the website that allows you to take on a free Insta subs trial, don’t worry: today you don’t need to go through any human verification to put your hands on a trial or on a package of paid subscribers.

All that you are going to need would be putting in your Insta username and signing how many subs you need. From that moment on all the worries are going to be solved by the company who’s providing you with the subscribers, thumbs up and whatever you might need to develop your profile. 

Instagram followers hack tool

Of course, there is not only a chance to buy subs for Insta, you can also make use of online services that offer support in online development and can also provide you with thumbs up, followers and other important adjunctions.

For example, there is this Insta subscribers adder — it is a paid service that has some positive reviews from people who had a chance to develop their accounts and make them bigger and more valid.

However, this method is relatively new and you might meet some technical difficulties in the process, so make sure that the technical support group of this service is active and is ready to help. 

Instagram followers hack no survey

If you are worried that to get paid subs you’d have to go through an online survey and insert some of your personal data into a questionnaire of some kind, you should leave your worries behind.

Today legit companies and services that work in the online development sphere don’t ask for creating special passwords and leaving them any of your personal data: you can easily take on a package of subscribers by only choosing the number of subs that you need and signing your username. 

Instagram followers cydia hack

Cydia hack followers - Vip IG

Cydia is one of those non-official apps that exist to give you a chance to develop your IG account by performing certain actions and getting a reward instead.

This is a resource (an iOS app, to be clear), where you can develop your account on IG with other people: you leave them thumbs up, become their subs and leave them comments, and for that you’re gaining the coins in the system of the app.

Coins can be exchanged for certain numbers of subs and thumbs up as well. The only nuance is that this app is not available in most regions and to make it work you’d have to download several system “crackers” (or jailbreak) as well.

The method is not that safe and not that efficient, as most of the accounts that are going to get subscribed to your profile will probably be fakes and bots. 


How to get rid of fake followers on Instagram hack:

If you were using the developing apps and services way too intensively and now you have thousands of bots subscribed to your profile, it is no wonder why you might be having some serious problems with the statistics.

“Dead souls” are weighing your profile down and are not letting it to be as active as it could be, even if you have a pretty big number of real subscribers and real likes.

To fix that you’d have to purge your subs number by hand or you could use an app that allows you to analyze the situation in your profile and find out which subs were active on Insta and which ones are bots.

Remove followers instagram - Vip IG

Most of these programs and apps are paid, but all of them have trial periods. You can make a great use of that and solve your problem by taking on this trial period and then stopping the subscription.

You can also apply for help from a professional Insta promoter; that will cost you more, but you will also be able to figure out the weak points of your content and your profile in general. If you’re an owner of a big and ambitious brand, consider this option and always make a choice in favor of quality and more complex services. 

How to change the number of followers on Instagram hack:

If you need to quickly change a number of subs on your IG page, you can take on 2 useful methods: first one being mass following and second one being buying paid subs for your profile.

Yes, both of those are not bringing the quality and real audience to the table, but this can be only done if you are posting a sipid content and interacting with the people who are interested in you, your products and services.

Bought subs have the other aim to hit: these help you with making your account seem like a valid one, the one that’s worth checking and shouldn’t be ignored. 

Mass following and buying actually work similarly good, but take a very different amount of time. Mass following will take at least half an hour each day, while using a paid service will take literally a minute to fill in some info and start gaining first subs.

You can make your own choices, but we’d say that letting a professional company help you with that problem is a smart thing to do. You should concentrate on generating high quality content and communicating with people who are sending you comments and DMs. 

How to get a million followers on Instagram hack:

Unfortunately, there are no working hacks to easily get you a million subscribers. We’ve tried them out and came to a conclusion that each and every one of them leads to your profile getting blocked sooner or later.

Insta tech team keeps an eye on accounts that have too much suspicious activity to them: if you do not want to get in trouble and have no way back on this platform, we highly recommend you to use the methods that we’ve talked about previously and always take on subs and thumbs up in small, adequate “portions”.

Be careful and thoughtful with what you are doing, as IG policy became way stricter and tougher to people who are trying to “hack” the system. 

It’s not a million subs that can make your profile everybody’s favorite. You should concentrate more on interacting and communicating with the people who have already found your content intriguing and appealing — it’s all about the amount of reactions, sincere comments and nice DMs that you are getting.

People tend to tell and share what they have loved with other people; and you shouldn’t neglect this if you’re yearning to promote your profile in the most efficient way.

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