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Today some people still claim that an Instagram followers generator is an even hack that can help you get free fake subs with no survey. You can find and download IG generators almost on any apk market, but not so many of them are actually working evenly and giving nice results.

To get subs for Insta online you should be really careful and read through lots of comments before choosing an app to wind up the number of your followers; however, it might not be enough as there is a certain problem happening to almost each of these generators.

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They stop working. How’s that possible? Well, the first reason is that frequently they are delivering fake subs that are simply bots and have no activity behind them. These are not real and Instagram sees it over time, it ends with their deletion.

The account that had these profiles as subs loses them and the number of followers shrinks, which is no good for statistics and for the user in general (especially if we’re talking about business accounts that depend on the number of subs they have).

The template of the auto generator might show that things are okay, though it is not; and often enough there is no decent tech support that you can turn to for help. How to fix that problem? Apparently, no one knows.

The smartest decision would be using not a generator, but finding a company that offers to buy as many legit subs as you need; and this can be done through Android, PC or iPhone — while most of the generators work evenly through computers only, which is not that convenient. 

According to it, the best tool for promotion on Insta would be not a generator, but an opportunity to take on as many subs, thumbs up, comments and views as needed in terms of promotion and gave the guarantee that you are also connected to the tech support group that’s going to solve all of your problems in a blink of an eye. 

Instagram followers generator without human verification

Today’s safe and qualitative IG generators should require no human verification such as giving any sensitive data about the user to the online tool. This is not secure and can be quite dangerous, especially if we’re talking about promoting a big profile with thousands of subs on its count already.

You should be careful with that: if a tool asks you to insert more than your account’s name and an email that you’re going to get the notifications on, beware and search for another tool to use in terms of online promotion.

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Nevertheless, generators are not the only way that you can qualitatively promote your page on IG. There are also individual Insta promoters who will be glad to show you their services: they are extremely helpful if you don’t have a clue on which way you should be moving in order to achieve a certain number of subs and get constant validation and approval from them.

SMM specialists can give you a hand of help with it; they will not only tell you how to gain more subs, but they will also help with generating a content plan and nice quality text and visual posts and stories. Organizing the profile in a specific way is also required, and if you do not know how, they will help. 

That’s not it; there are also companies that offer you a chance to buy Instagram followers. It might seem similar to the IG generator apk, yet it is not exactly the same.

If we are talking about the chance to purchase subs, you are choosing from the list of packages that have a fixated amount of subs in them: those are real people who are keen on cooperating with a promo company that you have chosen.

They will become your subs permanently and will never go anywhere; while if you’re working with an IG generator, most of those subs are going to be fake and bots. And that’s no good for anybody’s account’s statistics and an overall look. 


What is Instagram followers generator?

Insta subs generator is one of the tools that allow you to gain lots of subscribers in the shortest time; however, this tool shouldn’t be overestimated if you’re trying to organize the quality promotion.

Usually IG subs generator can be glitchy and not so qualitative. Before taking on one of them you should really read the reviews from the previous installers and decide whether you want to use it or not according to the quality and safety of services that it have shown. 

Is Instagram followers generator safe?

It really depends, though overall we would say that this tool is safe if you are not misusing it. Misuse is when you’re trying to gain “fake” subs only and not concentrating on acquiring natural subscribers as well. How is this affecting your profile?

Well, you’ve probably already heard about the statistics — it has its own tab in business accounts and there you can see how much the subs of yours and random visitors were interacting with the content that you have and how much they’ve liked it.

Needless to say, it is possible only if you have real audience — bots, fakes and inactive pages won’t show any positive impact on your profile’s statistics. And when your audience entirely consists of such subs, there is no good you should be awaiting from it.

Moreover, if you’re gaining tons of subs too quickly, Insta might think of you as one of those bot pages and simply block and delete you. Nobody wants that, so be careful with the generator tool you’ve decided to use.

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There is one more thing: the data you’re going to give to the generator. Surely, there are trustworthy apps and programs that don’t require any personal data from the user, but if the apk demands to insert some kind of sensitive data that seems suspicious to you, don’t do it and search for another apk to take on.

There are lots of them online right now, so you shouldn’t be afraid to not find anything convenient enough.

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