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Instagram comments not showing

In some cases, Instagram comments are not showing up due to some small glitches, which are quickly repaired by technical support. Most often, comments are not visible due to the activities of users who can hide them for certain posts or refuse to comment at all for their account.

Some people do this because they have a rather contradictory blog and do not want to deal with the same contradictory commentaries, someone is simply secretive by nature and does not want to enter into discussions, someone does not want comments to be left by annoying relatives or people who want friendship.

Anyway, you can always choose not to read commentaries under your photos — if you have a business page, we would still not recommend that you disable comments, since they also have a positive impact on statistics.

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Let it be Android or iPhone, both official apps might be not showing top commentaries that have the biggest number of likes to them: this is not your fault, this is just Instagram not liking what a person has written in this comment or the owner of the account turning certain settings on.

If the tagged commentaries are not showing up, there is also a problem in what you have written or where you have written it — the owner of the page might once again have set a restriction to leaving them commentaries. 

When the comments don’t show up because IG bans them, don’t feel discouraged and turn to help from the tech support.

If you have done nothing wrong, they might answer your request for help and your comments might appear once again. However, you should not hope too much, since today Instagram unfortunately does not frequently respond to requests and complaints from users in general.

If your commentaries are missing, first of all check whether this person has blocked you and whether you have violated any rules of the Instagram community — if everything is fine, it is either a glitch, or the person on whose page you wrote has abruptly decided to limit the number of comments to the publication.

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If you want to disable the commentaries for Insta live, that’s not a problem as well. To do it you should simply click on the more button (looks like three dots or three lines, depending on what device you’re using) and choose to turn off commenting.

From that moment on people won’t be able to leave any commentaries for your stream. That’s helpful if in this particular case you do not need to interact with the audience and only need to concentrate on lecturing your audience.

However, we wouldn’t recommend you to turn them off for the whole live video — when you’re done talking about a certain important thing, enable the commentaries to gather the opinions and talk to your people for a little bit.

It always helps with building a trusting bond and making your reputation better and stronger. 

If you are worried that commentaries have disappeared from your page: well, someone might just wanted to delete them.

People change their minds and delete comments, there is nothing wrong with that. If the number of comments under posts is so important to you, you can always turn to paid services that allow you to buy Instagram comments and close the gap in their number on your page.

Make sure that you buy high-quality comments — you don’t need meaningless chatter of bots or the same type of commentaries from several different users.

This will not have any positive impact on your account and can only make it worse, since excessive activity on the part of bots can make Instagram algorithms think that you are also a bot.


Why are my comments not showing on Instagram?

There are two options: the person on whose page you have written a commentary has decided to restrict the commentaries; you have violated Instagram’s community guidelines and now you’re disabled to leave new comments. 

Why are celebs Instagram comments not showing up?

It might be a glitch, or they might have deleted them. 

Why are comments not showing on my Instagram post?

You could have turned the commenting off for your post while creating it (it can be done by using “advanced settings” that are seen at the very bottom of the last editing screen) — you can enable the commentaries once again by pressing on the three dots button above the post and choosing to turn on commenting.

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