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Instagram comments disappear

Some people might feel like there is some kind of secret hidden: why do my comments on Instagram disappear? Have I (or somebody else, whose commentaries were removed) done something wrong?

How do I fix it? In reality, things are way easier and pretty obvious: there are only several reasons why someone’s comments on Insta could disappear. 

First of all, if your question is “why were my commentaries removed?” you should check your posts’ settings twice. You might have turned them off on purpose or accidentally.

It can be done from the last editing screen (the small wording “advanced settings”, after tapping on it you can choose to disable commentaries) or after the post has already been published. However, both settings can be undone if you want to get the commentaries again, so no need to worry.

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You should also remember that there is always a chance that a person has simply decided to delete the commentary they have written some time ago. Time goes by, opinions and relationships change: and some of us care deeply about what footprints they leave online.

So, if you’ve noticed that a commentary from your old acquaintance somehow disappeared from your feed, now you know why it might have happened.

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If you’re worried that the comments are not shown chronologically under your posts, there’s no need to care about it. The thing is, after one of your comments gets some reactions to it (replies or likes), it will automatically become a “top” commentary, which will be shown at the very beginning.

So, the more reactions any comment gets, the higher it goes in the rating of the feed. It’s great for your statistics actually, so if you really love what some people have written to you, don’t forget to leave them a like under a commentary. 

If you have received a commentary for your story and now it has disappeared, there are only two possible reasons: first of all, the person might have deleted it.

Often enough people feel like they want to react to somebody’s stories, but then they suddenly feel shy or think that they won’t get any reaction in return and decide to take their like or emoji reaction back.

Sometimes people even right wholesome comments and then delete them — unfortunately, there is no way that you can change this situation. Maybe tell your audience that you are really interested in communicating and would be happy to get some words from them?

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The second reason is that you might have disabled commentaries for your stories after you have posted one of them in your profile. This setting will make all the commentaries disappear eventually, and if you wish to get them back you should enable the commentaries.

Anyhow, if you’re developing your Insta account, we highly recommend to never disable the commentaries neither for your publications, nor for your stories.

It is necessary to do only if you are posting something rather personal or controversial — but after such story has expired, don’t forget to turn your settings back to normal.

Anyway, not always disappearing comments are a reason to worry only about the fact that you will not be able to read pleasant words — if you develop your profile, this is a reason to worry about your statistics.

While you are dealing with technical support, there is a way to quickly fix this problem. You can buy Instagram comments from a good promo company that delivers high-quality services.

Such comments should be strictly on topic, should involve other people in the discussion (for example, your existing subscribers) and show that your account is really worth the attention of new people.

Such a service can be difficult to find, but if you rely on the reviews of previous customers, everything will work out well.


If you block someone on Instagram, do their comments disappear?

Yes, if you block somebody on IG, their commentaries and thumbs up will eventually disappear from your account. If you decide to unblock them, everything will come back right after. 

If you unfollow someone on Instagram will their comments disappear?

No, if you unfollow someone on IG their commentaries will still be there, as well as likes. If your desire is to get rid of the commentaries and the thumbs up, you need to block this person. 

If someone deletes Instagram do comments disappear?

Yes, if you delete your page on Insta, all of your posts, thumbs up, commentaries and saved posts will be deleted as well. So, if IG is a pretty important resource of information for you, think twice before removing it. 

When you turn off comments on Instagram do they disappear?

When you turn off the commentaries for your posts, the already existing ones will disappear, and the symbol of the comment will disappear from your publication as well — it means that people won’t be able to write any commentaries from that moment and on. 

How to make Instagram live comments disappear?

If you’re the creator of the live, you should press on the three dots button near the commentaries box and choose “turn off commenting”. After that people won’t be able to leave you any and you won’t see the already existing ones as well. It is pretty helpful and gives a chance to concentrate on the live event itself.

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