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Inactive Instagram followers

Why are inactive Instagram followers a problem at all? They increase the number of subscribers and make the account more bulky than it actually is. However, they do more harm than good, and you need to unfollow them regularly to make sure your stats don’t drop down because of their dead weight. How does this happen?

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Let’s say you have 2 thousand subscribers, of which one thousand is inactive. It happened that these users stopped using their accounts, or they were originally bots.

Thus, it turns out that your account has 2 thousand subscribers, and half of the views and likes on posts, which means that your audience’s involvement in what is happening is 50% or even less. On Instagram, this indicator means that your account should not be recommended to other people, since even your subscribers are not interested enough in it.

How to find inactive followers on Instagram

How do you see these inactive followers and is there an app that helps to track them and check how long they have been inactive? Well, yes, there are some apps, but all of them are paid and you have to invest your money into figuring out who is active and real and who is fake and “dead”.

This is necessary if you care about your profile’s development and if you’re willing to improve your statistics to get a bigger income of the new subscribers and interested people.

Apps and services that we’re talking about can do a full analysis of what’s happening, and you can get a full data about your followers (including what was the last time they were active on the platform).

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When you eliminate this bias and there are fewer subscribers in your profile, you will probably want to increase their number. How to do it for sure and without long waits? You can buy Instagram followers, but you need to make sure that you are buying real ones, and that they will be able to have a positive impact on your statistics, not as it was before.


How to block inactive Instagram followers?

If you need to figure out who is inactive in your profile’s subs count, you can turn to help from the third-party services that offer full analysis of what’s happening on your profile, including the activity among your subscribers.

Then, after you get a full list of inactive followers, you can either use another service to block them in bulk, or you can manually go through each one of them and delete them from your subs list by blocking them. 

Why you should remove inactive Instagram followers?

Because these weigh your statistics down and get in the way of your profile’s online development.

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