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How to turn off Instagram comments

“How do I turn off all Instagram comments?” First of all, think closely: do you really need to turn off all the commentaries because of these several bad comments you’ve got?

Probably not; if you’re serious about running a blogger’s account, you should just come to terms with the realization that you’re going to get lots of such commentaries under your posts in the future, and this is not a cause to give up all the commentaries in general.

Plus, IG today doesn’t have such an umbrella option to disable all the commentaries in the profile: you’re only able to disable commentaries for a particular photo or video. 

To disable commentaries for a particular post, go to settings of this post (three dots button at the top) and choose to turn off commenting that will be displayed as one of the options.

After that the commentary symbol will disappear from this post and people won’t be able to leave you any notes. Likes and shares will stay there; if you enable the commentaries option, the comments that were previously written for this post will appear again.

Instagram turn off commenting - Vip IG

However, you might want to turn off commenting in a story that you find controversial or if you just don’t want to communicate today.

That’s also possible, and the situation is quite opposite to the post comments: if you want to never get any commentaries on your stories, you can disable them for all of your stories at once. To do so just go to settings, then to story settings and find message replies.

There you’ll be able to choose friends only or off — if you’re not in the mood to communicate, choose the latter to make your stories remain online with no replies to them. 

How to turn off comments on Instagram live 

Unfortunately, you can hide the commentaries on Instagram live only if you’re the creator of the live: if you’re watching IG live you’d have to come to terms with the fact that the commentaries are going to be visible (unless the creator turned them off).

If you’re the creator, good news, it’s easy to disable the stream commentaries: after you’ve gone live just press on the three dots button to the right from the comments box and choose to turn off commenting.

After that you as a creator and your subscriber as a viewer won’t be able to see any commentaries and people won’t be able to write them as well. It helps with concentrating on the theme of the stream (if you don’t need to communicate with the audience while doing it).

Can you do it from your smartphone only? No, this option is available for Android and iPhone and looks exactly the same on both the interfaces.

Insta live comment disable - Vip IG

But don’t hurry to disable the commentaries and think twice before doing it: as for posts and stories, so as for the live. If you’re trying to develop your Instagram account, commentaries are a very important part of the process; the more you have, the livelier your audience seems for the newcomers.

Don’t be afraid of getting some hate comments, moreover, you can talk to these people and either convince them they are wrong or just laugh at the situation or at their opinions (if those are just gibberish).

Be more lighthearted and don’t take all these situations seriously — but if you’re feeling like somebody’s bullying you systematically, don’t feel overwhelmed and just block and report this troll. 

If you’re lacking comments and your account is fresh from the oven you can always buy Instagram comments to make your life easier and to give yourself a nice leg-up.

Make sure that you’re buying from a decent company though and that the commentaries are adequate and on topic — you don’t need bots spamming in your commentaries section (even if you’re doing it for the numbers).

Don’t forget to include other paid options into your promotion, because you not only need the commentaries, but also the right amount of subs and thumbs up as well.

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