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How to track my comments on Instagram

Unfortunately, there is no way to track someone’s comments on Instagram — except for the way when you find a post and just look for the comments of the person you need under it.

There are no special techniques, also you cannot see someone’s comments in their profile collected in one place. Even tracking your comments on Instagram is impossible — there is no activity log in this social network, like the one you have on Facebook, therefore you cannot track all your actions.

In fact, only likes, posts saved by you and statistics of your own posts are available for tracking in the Insta itself, if you have a business account.

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It is advisable to track comments when you are monitoring your account — it is important to understand what kind of feedback your audience gives and how you should interact with it. But quite often these commentaries are not enough at all, what to do in this case and what to do with the account?

This problem is very common among newcomers who have just started to manage their Insta profile, and they lack help from friends and acquaintances who are trying to help with its development and bring some commentaries to the table. In this case, it will be very cool to take the opportunity to buy Instagram comments.

If you purchase comments that real people write for you, it will have a great effect on the quality and condition of your profile — now it will be filled with validation and will become more attractive to other users.

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In any case , you should not forget that the purchased comments are not a complete guarantee of success. In order for your profile to be able to sell what it is supposed to sell or advertise you as a blogger, people need to see that you are constantly present online.

You need to be attentive to your audience and try to pay attention to every comment, like or reaction left and do not forget to regularly post content — a “dead” profile with a lot of likes does not cause anyone to like or want to subscribe.


Can Instagram comments be traced?

Sadly enough, you cannot trace your own or somebody else’s commentaries on Instagram using a special tool or a hack. You can only look at the comments under the posts and search the needed one among them.

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