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How to see someones Instagram followers

Why can’t I see someone’s followers on Instagram? That’s a nice question you might be asking if you’ve been following a person for a while and today decided to suddenly check on them.

But the situation is — you cannot come to their profile, you don’t see any posts, you cannot view the followers and subscriptions of this person. Well, bad news: they have probably blocked you. Why did it happen?

Who knows: if there were no reasons for them to do it, try contacting them on other social media. Maybe they have confused you with somebody else and blocked you accidentally.

If you want to see people’s subscribers without an account, there is a hack for you. It is easy and can be done using your smartphone or using your PC. To do it you should know the name of the person whom you want to spy on.

Then go to your browser and type[person’s name] — after that you’ll be redirected to the page of this person while remaining anonymous. That’s a nice way to look through your favorite people’s Instagram without having your own if you don’t need one.

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We would also like to mention that you have to keep in mind that there are third party services that allow you to analyze and gather data about any Instagram account. You can order the analytics and a spreadsheet not only about your own profile, but about other people’s pages too.

It’s nice to use if you have just entered a certain niche and you want to understand what your competitors are doing and how they are communicating with their audience in terms of gaining their trust.

You can also find a program or an app that will give you a chance to gather all the subs of your competitors into one file to “steal” them after — subscribing to your competitors subs can bring you lots of benefits, the main one being more people who can be really interested in what you’re posting and selling.

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If you simply need to check on somebody else’s subs you can go to this person’s profile and click on the word “followers” next to their main photo. When the account is public and you don’t have any restrictions, you’ll be able to freely scroll through all the subs that this person has.

If you’re doing it in terms of checking who’s subscribed to your competitors, why waste time when you can simply buy Instagram followers who will cover your need in a decent leg-up for promotion.

This is very much-needed when you have just created an account and don’t know how to gain your first hundreds of subscribers.

You can take on this service if you’re having some difficulties with promoting your profile while you already have lots of subs — when people see a sudden flow of subs into somebody’s account they will think of it as a progressive one and will show more attention to the content. 


How to see exactly how many followers someone has on Instagram?

To see how many subs someone has on Instagram, go to their profile and check the number that’s visible under the word “followers” next to the main photo of this person. 

How to see how many fake followers someone has on Instagram?

If you want to analyze how many fakes someone has on their subs count, you’d have to spend some time on it: go to their subscribers section and go through them one by one, checking whether a certain person has been active online, if they have a trustable bio and recent publications with likes and comments.

The obvious fakes won’t have anything, they probably won’t even have the bio and the main photo. If you don’t feel like wasting time, you can always apply for help from a third party IG analytics service. 

How to see followers on Instagram without following?

You can go to their profile using a browser and an address in the form of[person’s name]. If their account is public, this way you will be able to see all the posts and all the subscribers and subscriptions this person has. 

How to see someones followers on a private Instagram?

You can see someone’s subs on a private Instagram only if you’re following them yourself. There is no workaround to it as Instagram has a very nice safety system protecting their users. 

How to see someones verified followers on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to do it. You’d have to go manually through all the subscribers and view which ones of them have a verified mark and which don’t. 

How to see someones new followers on Instagram?

You can see only your new subscribers (to do this, select the sorting of subscribers in the subscribers section), you cannot see anybody’s followers in a certain arrangement. The only way would be mesmerizing which subscribers this person had and which ones have appeared recently.

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