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How to see private Instagram followers

If you need to peep who’s following your competitor or a random person on Insta, but they have a private profile, it might become an issue. Even though you suppose that you might have mutual followers, you still won’t be able to view someone’s subs if they have made their page private.

Unfortunately, Instagram has a pretty strict policy in this field: this is not Facebook where you can find a code to use and see who’s following who. 

However, a list of private subs on IG can really help: it doesn’t really matter why, sometimes we just need to know. There are literally several working methods to take on in case you need to figure out some info about a private page that you cannot openly follow.

First one: ask a friend who’s not interested. If they are from a neutral territory and a person that has a private account doesn’t know who they are, they will possibly gladly accept them as a new sub.

After that you can ask your friend to spy for you: there is nothing bad in it if you’re not violating anybody’s safety and personal life.

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The second method is a little bit more time taking: for it you will need a fake account. Maybe you already have one?

It shouldn’t look like an evident fake though: add some random information in bio, upload some photos and ask your friends to leave some comments. That’s an example of a perfect fake; if you don’t have time for it, create a new page and try your luck using it.

Who knows, possibly this person has made their page private because of several people whom they don’t want to see what they’re posting, but in general they aren’t that picky about the neutral people from the side who’re willing to follow them. 

However, if you’re trying to figure out who’s following who because you desperately need subs who’re going to be interested in what you’re posting (and you’re trying to steal from your competitors), there might be another decision for you: you can buy Instagram followers and cover your need in quality and real subs for some time.

Sure, you still need to try and gain people in your audience naturally, but taking on a pack of followers at the very beginning of your online blogger career (or if you are having some problems with gaining more subs lately) is a very smart decision.

Don’t forget to combine them with other services such as paid comments and thumbs up as well — the best results are coming when you’re cultivating your profile in many ways. 


How to see private Instagram account followers without following? 

Fortunately or unfortunately, Instagram’s private profiles are guarded by the system pretty well — if you are not their subscriber, there is no way that you will be able to see their subs in any shape or form.

If you’re itching to figure out who’s following that person, there is one option you can use: create a fake account and try to become their follower. Send them a request and see what’s going to happen.

All of us love to please our egos with a nice number of subscribers, so if they won’t count you as a danger, it is pretty possible that they will approve your fake as their new sub. And that’s when the gates will open and you will be able to peep who’s following this person.

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It is pretty convenient to those people who’re trying to cultivate their business pages and really need to “steal” the audience of their competitors.

This hack can be used to see who’s interested in the niche’s products and become their followers, hoping to get a follow back and then, perhaps, a sincere interest in your products and services as well.

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