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How to see Instagram followers without an account

If you want to see someone’s IG followers and their profile in general without an account, you can use a simple life hack that will give you a chance to remain anonymous. For that you need to know the username of the person whom you want to spy on.

If you know it, you should simply go on Instagram through the browser using this request:[person’s username]. Instagram will redirect you to view their account instantly, and, if it is public, you’ll be able to see all the posts, likes and comments while remaining unregistered in IG.

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That’s extra helpful, if you don’t want to have your own Instagram, but you’re kind of curious about your friend’s or enemy’s life.

Plus, it can be helpful for those businessmen who don’t want to run a profile on Insta, but want to understand what their competitors are posting and what hacks they’re using to attract a bigger audience.

All of those things can be applied on other social media too — for example, on Facebook

But if you’re trying to develop your business/brand/find more people to cooperate with, we highly recommend you to include Instagram into your social media pages list. Plus, you shouldn’t just have an almost empty page: work on its development and you’ll see the great results coming.

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If you are a layman in the promotion of accounts, do not be afraid to seek professional help. You will need not only content and a plan for its publication, but also a professional analysis of your target audience, identifying its desires and motivations in order to be competitive and able to sell your services and products.

Even if you just want to create a blog with a small but loyal audience, you will need the help of a professional. If you are confident in yourself and you just need support at the initial stage, you can buy Instagram followers from an online company that promotes profiles.

From such companies, subscribers, likes, views and comments can be bought in a fixed amount — you can say, in bundles. The main thing is to control the number and speed of receiving subscribers and likes to your account. If this happens too quickly, Instagram may consider you a bot and even block you.

So before each purchase, we recommend that you carefully consider what and in what quantity you are buying.

Nevertheless, success lies in high-quality content and constant communication with your audience. No paid services will help you build that trusting connection, thanks to which your subscribers may want to recommend your account to their friends.

And sharing posts plays a huge role in the development of the account, do not forget about it.

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