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How to respond to Instagram comments

There will always be positive and negative, even rude comments on Instagram. However, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed if you’re getting them under your posts: people’s opinions vary and you cannot please all.

But what you can do is answer to IG commentaries in the way that you find appropriate and comfortable to you, and you can always moderate your IG commentaries section using your computer or your smartphone.

There are no limitations to how you can do it: feel whatever you find convenient to you.

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If you want to block the ads commentaries under your posts, do it; if you want to block the people who’re ruining the safe online environment for you, do it. If you want to encourage people to communicate with each other, do it as well.

When you’re trying to cultivate your IG profile, you really need to do the latter; people appreciate when you’re not only posting quality and helpful content, but also when you are here for them in the comments section.

Lively talk and politeness is basically all you need to win your audience’s hearts. It is not as easy as it might seem — replying to commentaries takes time and effort, but it definitely is worth it. 

How to reply to Instagram comments 

How do you reply to nice Insta commentaries and how do you reply to the bad ones? It often happens that we get commentaries to a story or a post, and we don’t know how to react: compliment is easy to process and it’s easy to be grateful for kind words.

But what do you do if a person is bullying you online or even does it repetitively?

Report comments options - Vip IG

Fortunately, today IG has a wholesome system that helps people to stay safe online and be able to quickly report if there is some abusive behavior happening.

You can do it two ways: by leaving a complaint on a commentary itself or on the account that has left it. To do so you need to tap on the commentary and choose “report”.

After it IG will give you a list of reasons why you might be reporting a comment and will also offer some additional actions to make if you’re feeling not so good about the text of the commentary.

If this is a bully or a hater who is trying to get to you through the comments section, the smartest way to stop it would be blocking and reporting them as an account that violates Insta’s guidelines.

To do it you need to go straight to this person’s profile and press the three dots button — there you will see options of blocking and reporting.

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You might think that we’re dramatizing and there are not so many situations when you need to actually block people — that’s a radical step, you might say. But the reality is that we all have to very attentively guard our personal space, even if it is an online space.

Out of a thousand nice commentaries there will always be a hundred bad and outraging ones; and you shouldn’t put up with them and try to talk to those people. Save your time, energy and nerves and moderate your online environment as strictly as you want to.

And if you’re afraid of deleting commentaries because you need to gain as many as possible for your profile’s development, don’t be: you can always buy Instagram comments from a decent promo company that will have your back and will help you with making your content popular.

Make sure that you’re buying quality commentaries though; these have to come from real people who’re interested in cooperating with a promo agency. 


How to respond on Instagram when someone comments with an emoji?

Well, it depends on you — however you find appropriate. Some people like to simply leave reactions: in terms of comments you can leave them likes if you love what somebody’s writing to you.

You can reply to them in a usual manner with some words or you can ignore them; emoji is just a quick reaction after all and you don’t owe anything to people who choose to comment on your posts. 

How do you respond to Instagram comments that are in another language?

Instagram has an option of translation for text descriptions under posts and for commentaries as well. You can translate what people have written to you and then compose your answer in English (it’s pretty universal) or in the language of the commentator — for that you’ll need a Google Translator or any other way to translate the text.

If you don’t feel like putting too much time and energy into the process, you can always give people a quick reaction using some emojis. 

How to respond to comments that mention you on Instagram?

The commentaries that mention you are always coming to your profile as notifications; by clicking on them you can quickly move to the commentary itself and react to it however you think is appropriate.

To reply, tap on the word “reply” under the comment and insert your text into an empty commentary box. After that you’ll be able to post it and gain reactions and replies to your text as well. If you’re trying to make your content more popular, getting replies to commentaries is a very important thing as well.

You should encourage the discussions under your publications and always be there for the audience — this is one of the most efficient ways to gain more people as the interested subs of yours.

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