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How to reply to Instagram comments

Do you like something on Instagram or do you find something so meaningful or hateful that you want to respond to it? Is it a comment that you want to reply back to?

This is a common situation and this is something that social media is all about — sharing opinions and telling your own story when you want to. There are many options on Instagram to interact with other people: a commentary is the most convenient tool of all that there is.

Comments on Instagram can be left for literally everything: under posts, on stories, in advertising, in general, you can communicate with your audience or with bloggers as you like — everything on this social platform has it. Leaving a comment is very easy.

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All you have to do is find the post under which you want to leave your opinion, and find the signature “view commentaries”, if they already were written by other people before you. At the very bottom of the section you will find a free field — you need to enter the text of the comment into it, so that later it will appear in the comments feed under the post.

If there are no comments yet, and they are allowed, you just need to enter your note in the field under the post, you will see it immediately.

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We have a guess. If you are on this page, it means that you are trying to develop your Instagram account and want to do it fully.

You have already realized that one of the main validation tools in Insta are comments and likes — and in order for your page to be taken seriously, it is important for you to make sure that there are enough of them under your posts for this.

But what if you have just started to run a page and people are not piling on it in droves, ready to support you and buy your goods/services?

Well, fortunately for you and alike beginners, there is a way out: you just need to buy Instagram comments that will temporarily create the appearance that everything is already successful — at this time you can persistently develop your profile and collect real, not purchased comments.

The main thing is to remember that the success of your profile depends on a complex of factors, and not only on the huge purchase of likes and subscribers. For everything to work greatly, you also need to make efforts, and not small ones.

While publishing content, always find new ideas in order to entertain and surprise your audience, answer to their messages and always be online for them, showing your involvement in the life of the account. Only this will help you form the most trusting and strong relationships with the audience and grow as a blogger.


How to reply to comments on Instagram PC?

Find the comment you want to interact with and click on the arrow next to the heart to the right of it. After that, an empty field will appear in which you can type your text. Voila, you answered the comment!

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