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How to remove followers on Instagram

Different things happen online, and some of them might be called disturbing and bothering — and that’s when you should know how to remove a follower on Instagram without blocking them, fast and without any worries.

“Can I remove unwanted suggested followers? How do I do it? Is there a way to remove them in bulk?” All of the answers to these important questions will be given further in this article. Keep on reading!

So, if you see that Insta in app is offering you someone who’s not quite up your league and you don’t know how this recommendation even got there, you can easily get rid of it. Just press on the cross at the right top corner of this person’s icon in the suggested section and you won’t be seeing them ever again.

Yes, IG recommendations sometimes misfire, but that’s fine as you totally can moderate this section how you want.

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Now back to the main question: how do you remove ghost, inactive or simply bothering you followers from your subs list? Can you remove them all at once? Sadly enough, in Instagram there is no possibility to get rid of all the bot subs in one go, but you can do it manually, as there are no limits to deletion of the subs from your list.

Surely, you’d have to spend time to figure out whose page is fake and whose is not, but if you care about online promotion you really have to do it from time to time. Purging your list and removing the spam and bot accounts from there helps a lot and makes your statistics rise through the roof. Try it!

“But what is my problem is multiple people who are bullying me and making my online life hard?” First of all — we are really sorry for you and recommend not only to exclude these people from your subscribers, but also to block them.

To exclude them from the list of followers, go to their profile and click on the more button in the upper right corner. There you will find the option “remove subs” and you will be able to remove them from the list without their knowledge.

But in this situation, this may not be enough: if you block a person, he will not be able to see absolutely any information about your account, and he will also not receive any notifications about this.

If the bullying is serious, we also advise you to complain about the profile — to make it more likely that a person will be banned, ask your friends to also send a complaint to this account. Usually, a dozen complaints work well for the technical support of Instagram.

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If you clean up your followers for promotion and to normalize statistics, we would also recommend that you close the gap with a paid service for buying followers.

You can buy Instagram followers for your profile in any quantity and at any time — the main thing is to be sure that you are buying a quality service. Because if you buy bots as your “new” subs, then just add up the plus and minus — you will get zero results.


How to remove followers on Instagram on computer?

Go to this person’s profile and find the more button that looks like three dots at the top corner of the page. Tap on it and choose the option to remove the subscriber. After that they are going to be excluded from the list of your followers, and they won’t be seeing your publications and stories in their feed ever again. 

But they still will be able to subscribe to you if they notice that they aren’t anymore. So when you want to completely prohibit them from your page, make sure to block them.

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