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How to pin comments on Instagram

If you’re an owner of an Instagram account that has lots of activity to it, you should know how to decently moderate the comments and you should definitely know how to pin a comment. How do you pin a commentary that you like?

Well, it is quite easily done: all you have to do is find a publication which notes you want to moderate and look for a commentary that you find the most interesting/funny/appealing or else.

Then drag that commentary to the left and you’re going to get three buttons, one of them is going to look like a pin. That’s it: by pressing on it you will fix the note at the top of the commentary’s section of this post.

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This option works great for moderating the commentaries section and sets the certain mood for the whole publication. If you want people to validate you more, pin the validating comment, if you want more notes to come — pin something controversial so people would feel like they have something to say.

Sometimes this option is needed to pin the continuation of the text post under the photo, so people would see it first when they open up a section.

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But sometimes pinning a comment to start a discussion is not enough —and in situations when you need more support we’d recommend you to use a chance and buy Instagram comments.

If those will be coming from a place that can provide quality services, you will be able to significantly change the situation on your page once and for all.

Gaining adequately written and nice commentaries about what you have posted always helps to validate the content and make it through the day where you will be gaining even more notes from people because they’ve felt interested in what you’re doing. 

Easy as that you’ll be seeing results coming at you practically from nowhere — at least it is going to feel like it, as you’re going to waste no time and personal effort on gaining hundreds and thousands of greatly written commentaries.

Just like that they’re going to make other people want to communicate with each other and are going to create a special atmosphere in your profile. You should take part in discussions as well, it is going to work great, trust us on that one.

Don’t forget that success lies in paid services and in creativity that you put into your profile — if all the stars align, your page is going to get popular in no time!


How to pin comments on Instagram live?

Start the live, wait for commentaries to appear, then choose the one that you find the most appealing and long tap on it and choose the option to pin. It looks exactly the same as it looks for the regular commentaries on Insta posts.

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