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How to like comments on Instagram

Social media today allows you to leave a huge variety of reactions to content — and if earlier we were limited to thumbs up, commentaries and reposts, now we have quick reactions, there are emoji reactions, there are likes on comments and saves.

Instagram is the most relevant for all of the above, and there is probably no such diversity in other social media yet — it happened because Instagram has received maximum development in recent years, as a platform that is suitable for both business and communication at the same time.

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We want to support people’s commentaries — the Instagram tech team noticed this and gave us the opportunity to leave thumbs up on commentaries. Thanks to this, we can now clearly indicate our opinion and support this or that commentator.

It’s a pity, though, that there is no dislike button yet, since often it also turns out to be quite necessary. How do you like comments on Insta? It’s very easy: you just need to find the note that is cool or meaningful to you and find the heart icon to the right of it. After you click on the heart, it will mean that you liked this comment.

Unfortunately, this will not help you track the fate of the comment in the future — in the “liked” section of your account you can only track the posts you liked, so a like on a comment is nothing more than a simple participation in the life of someone’s account or support for someone’s opinion.

“Why can’t I like commentaries on IG?” Most likely, this is due to problems in your Instagram application or device. Try restarting the application, deleting the cache and even restarting your device — as a rule, this solves the vast majority of problems and you can use your account to the full again.

If you have a question not about how to like a comment, but about how to get enough commentaries to attract people to your account, we have a solution for you.

Several things will work perfectly here: first, you should contact a profile promotion specialist if you have never done this before. Believe me, only in theory it all looks pretty easy — in fact, in order to properly develop, you need to know a lot of subtle nuances.

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Secondly, you can provide yourself with “quick” support using paid services: for instance, take the chance to buy Instagram comments. The only caveat, you should make sure that you buy commentaries from real people, and not from bots, since the second will only harm your Insta account.


How to like comments on Instagram Android?

The interface of Instagram does not differ much on Android, iPhone and computer: all you have to do is find a commentary you like and click on the heart icon to the right of it. After that, this comment will be displayed as liked by your profile.

How to like Instagram comments on computer?

Look up the commentary that you want to show some support to and click on the heart symbol next to it. After that it’s going to show that you have liked this commentary and everybody will be able to see it too.

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