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How to hide followers on Instagram

If you’re a sneaky person who doesn’t want other people to know who and why you are following on Insta, there is bad news for you: unfortunately, today there is only one existing way to hide your subs in Instagram from friends and other followers.

The list of subs actually remains the same no matter what, and the only way to make other certain people not see the number of your subs or your new subs would be making your profile private or blocking these people. 

“How do I hide my followers’ names?” Well, to do so you only can make your page private. You should go to settings, then tap on privacy and then on private account. After you switch to the private page all of your information will be available to your already existing subs.

The amount of subs will remain visible to all Instagram users — this data cannot be hidden in any possible case. Plus, it is not that different for a laptop, Android or iPhone: all these devices are in similar positions in terms of hiding your subs on IG.

The only thing that might vary for PC is how the settings button looks; but the interface is so intuitively clear that you won’t have any problems with finding the privacy tab.

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Do you want to hide the fake subs that you have previously gained and now you need to build yourself a reputation as a blogger with real followers only? Well, you don’t need to hide them, you can actually simply delete them.

Doing a purge in the list of your already existing subscribers is an essential thing to do if you want to maintain your statistics high and prevent any lows.

“Dead souls” that are fake accounts who might be following you are weighing your profile down — it doesn’t get any activity from them, therefore IG thinks of your page as of a “dead” one too.

And this is no good in any case; so, if you’re interested in keeping your statistics up and evolving your page into something bigger than it is now, keep in mind that you should check what kind of pages are following you and fix the ratio of real to non real once in a while. 

Sure, you can have some fakes on your count (everybody cares for numbers), but make sure that you still have way more real followers than the fake and inactive ones. 

Can you hide followers on Instagram 

If you’re trying to keep your life private, you might be wondering “Can I hide my followers on Insta?” We don’t want to disappoint you, but the answer is no: you cannot hide neither all the subs you have, nor the specific one that you don’t want anybody to know about.

However, if you really need to keep the identities of your Insta subs private, you can make your own account private so that the information about your followers wouldn’t be available to each and every user of Instagram.

However, the number of subs will remain visible to everybody, as currently Insta doesn’t give a chance to keep that info private.

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If you want to keep that one individual follower to yourself only, you can talk to this person and ask them to unfollow you and keep your profile in their bookmarks or one of your posts in their saved, so they could easily find you and look through your profile.

It works great for friendships and love affairs that you don’t want to become public and discussed as quickly as the person follows you on social media and starts liking your publications. 

But if you care not about the personal, but about the business and you really need to get rid of the fake subs and take on real ones, there is an option for you: you can buy Instagram followers that are going to be one hundred percent real and are also going to show positive impact only on your page’s stats.

If you decide to turn to paid services for your profile promotion, don’t forget that you need to get real followers only, who are actual people and who are glad to cooperate with the promo company for a reward (this scheme usually works best).

Beware of the companies that sell bots and fake followers, this is not going to take you anywhere near the online success. 


Is it possible to hide followers on Instagram?

Today, unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t give its users an opportunity to hide the followers — neither particular ones, nor all the subs in general.

The only thing you can do to keep the data about your subs available to these subs only is to make your profile private. There is no chance to hide an individual subscriber in any shape or form. 

How to hide followers on Instagram without unfriending them?

There is no possibility to hide subs on IG without unfriending them. But if you’ve decided to unfollow each other and keep your relationship private, you can still keep each other’s posts in your saved publications so both of you could have quick access to each other’s profiles. 

Is there a way to hide your followers on Instagram?

Sadly enough, today you cannot hide your subs on Insta. You can only make your profile private to make the data about the subs available to your followers only; hiding subs from everybody or masking that one particular follower isn’t possible without unfriending them today.

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