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How to hide comments on Instagram live

Instagram recently gave its users an opportunity to run the live streams and write comments and spend time together in a pretty special format, which previously was available on video platforms only. Now you can go live on IG and you can even talk to your audience during the stream: in the comments section.

But what if you don’t want to do it and want to lecture your audience on something without splitting your attention? How do you hide commentaries in Instagram live and why is this sometimes quite necessary to do? 

How to hide comments when watching Instagram live

All in all, you can hide the commentaries while watching or while running the live video — you need to go to the stream and press on the three dots or three lines button at the bottom of the screen. There you’ll get the option “turn off commenting”. After you click on it, all the commentaries will be gone and you will be able to concentrate on the stream itself.

Turn off comments on live - Vip IG

But if you are trying to develop your Instagram account, we would not recommend that you disable comments on streams — they help you interact with the audience a lot.

Even if you don’t intend to answer them today, other people on your stream can do it for you — this is how communities are formed around blogs and bloggers when their subscribers start interacting with each other and forming a fan base. This is a very cool thing, and you should never put a stick in its wheels. 

Also, to support your account, you can do several things: the first is to buy Instagram comments. Yes, if you are a beginner, you are almost certainly faced with the problem of a lack of adequate and long comments, and this needs to be corrected if you want your page to be taken seriously.

Without enough comments and likes, it will be difficult for you to convince people that your page is already quite successful — for this reason, we recommend using such a booster and getting free from problems like this once and for all.

Remember though that you need to purchase real commentaries only, as the fake ones will bring you more trouble than good. 


How to hide comments on Instagram live Iphone?

Go to the bottom of the page and find the three dots button. After pressing on it you will get an option to turn off commenting — press on it and all of them will be gone. 

How to hide comments on Instagram live Android?

The interface of Instagram doesn’t really vary on different platforms — hiding commentaries on Android is just like hiding them on a computer or on an iPhone. You need to click on the three dots or three lines button to get an option of turning them off — and after you enable it, all the pop up commentaries will be gone from the stream you’re on.

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