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How to grow Instagram followers organically

When you’re new on Instagram and on social media in general and you have almost no strategy for your account, you should first figure out how you’re going to gain thumbs up and followers organically.

Both those things are extremely needed for decent development of the account, and even though you might like to concentrate on the matter of generating quality content, you still have to worry about the audience reach and about the amount of validation that you’re getting from your people.

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Of course, you could come to social media not even for the sake of advertising and not for the sake of sales, but for the sake of blogging — but you still dream of monetizing it, right?

In any way (through collaborations with brands or other bloggers, through participation in any projects and programs, or simply through donations from your audience) you are going to benefit from your profile, because now literally everyone is doing it.

Even if initially it was supposed to be a personal online photo diary, gradually it will turn into a platform for earning money, this is inevitable — since you will always have examples of how it can be in front of your eyes.

So how do you start getting subscribers and likes naturally? Or maybe there is some secret tool that can speed up this process? In fact, there is — you have the opportunity to buy Instagram followers for your profile, but it is very important to consider a few nuances here.

When you want to buy your first hundred subs, you need to be sure that you are buying real people as your followers, and not bot pages. Often online companies that are engaged in such sales use bots and fakes — and no one needs such acquisitions at all.

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Paid subs can significantly improve the situation for your profile — entering the world of blogging with some baggage behind your back (especially in the form of an existing audience and likes) is always easier than completely empty.

Therefore, it will not hurt anyone to buy followers, but the main thing is that they are real. People are very suspicious of pages with thousands of subscribers and a small number of publications, so you should be able to “cheat for a good cause.” Otherwise, it is better not to even contact the sellers of such services.


How to organically grow Instagram followers fast?

Engaging posts greatly contribute to the natural growth of the audience — you should conduct sweepstakes, various contests in the comments and in stories, and also do not forget that personal information and unique content attract the most people in posting.

How to grow your Instagram followers organically from zero?

Start by developing your own “name” — design a profile, come up with a memorable username, make clear and cool navigation in the profile. Answer people to any of their requests and questions and always be attentive to your audience.

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