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How to find someone’s comments on Instagram

Today if you need to search someone’s comments on Instagram, you’d have to open up Instagram web. Earlier it was possible to do through the activity log, but today Instagram has eliminated this option and you’d have to find a decent workaround.

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Actually, there is one: as we have said, you can open the Instagram web on your computer and press Ctrl+S or Command+S if you have a Mac. You should do it after you have opened the post where you suppose to find the needed comment, and then you should enter the username of the person into the search field.

The page will show all the commentaries that were written by this person, and you have to check them one by one to find what you have been searching for.

How to see someone’s comments on Instagram

How can you see someone’s comments on Instagram? Sadly, you cannot find all the commentaries of a certain person and open them in one tab, but you can use a lifehack that we have given in the previous paragraph.

But the question also arises, why are you looking for specific comments from a particular person at all? If this is not to search for some important information mentioned in the comment, but to analyze the audience of one of your competitors, you can find a much simpler way. 

First, you may have heard that there is an opportunity to turn to third-party services and programs that analyze not only your account, but also the accounts of your competitors, if there is a need for this.

Secondly, you can use the analytics of your Instagram business account, which allows you to analyze an existing audience to form a pool of people to whom your targeted advertising will be directed.

And yes, we strongly recommend using it — combining it with the chance to buy Instagram comments, subscribers, likes, and so on.

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Paid options for promotion really work great, especially at the initial stages — if you need to support yourself and create the appearance of a large account, you can use this option and you will not regret it.

However, it is always worth doing all this in proportion to your account. If you have just started, 50 comments and 100 subscribers will be enough for you so far, you should not try to buy more. Why?

This will arouse suspicion on the part of those people who will naturally subscribe to you, and may also arouse suspicion on the part of technical support — if several thousand people subscribe to you at one time, the activity of your account may be limited. 

If you have any questions about the number of comments that you want to buy, do not hesitate to consult with the manager of the company from which you are buying this option for promotion.

Remember that the greatest results are achieved by combining several options for promotion — collect a whole package of options for yourself and see how your account is gradually “overgrown” with both purchased and naturally acquired subscribers.

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