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How to delete Instagram comments

Some of the social media platforms are giving its users a chance to interact with the comments section in more ways than just leaving a note — on some sites you can edit your commentaries, on some you can delete them only.

There are also places where you can leave likes for comments and reply to them; you can also report a comment if there is something offending or prohibited written in it. However, can you and how do you delete Insta comments: your own, people’s and in different situations?

This article is a direct guide to what you should be doing if you want to get rid of a certain commentary on your page or from the one that you have written on someone’s page. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically delete all the annoying commentaries at once, if you’re on this road you’d have to do everything manually, picking which comments you want to get rid of.

No matter if you’re doing it on Android or on iPhone or using your good old PC, the steps will remain the same: bad comments have to be located manually (let it be replies or the particular commentaries) — find a picture that has some nasty notes on it and tap on the commentary itself.

After that you’ll get several options and one of them is going to be “delete”. Choose it to make the commentary disappear under the image you have posted once and for all.

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And sadly, you cannot block spam and ads commentaries either — these might be quite annoying and can spoil the whole picture for you and your audience.

To make sure that this won’t happen again we recommend you to restrict or to block the profile that has left these commentaries; out of all strategies this one works the best. If the profile has been leaving such annoying commentaries repeatedly, don’t forget to report them as spam.

You can do it and Instagram will strictly judge and probably ban this profile forever if you’re not going to be the one who has left such a complaint. “Can I ask my friends to leave complaints on a profile as well?” You surely do! It will fasten the process of banning a certain spam or bully account.

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If you want to delete old commentaries that mentioned you some days ago (a long ago, actually) and you cannot remember, under which post these comments were left, you can try looking them through the photos and videos with you (the section that you can find to the left from your own posts in profile).

Because often enough people tag each other in posts where they want to tell about their friendship and other relationships.

If it’s not working, you can turn to paid services and programs that allow you to search for a post by date, person and other parameters. All of these are paid, but if a comment is really important and has to be deleted, it is probably worth the fuss. 

But if you’re aiming to make your profile neat and also have lots of adequate commentaries, you shouldn’t stop after deleting the bullying and the spam comments.

Add up by using a chance to buy Instagram comments from a decent promo company that will be able to provide you with quality notes under your photos. You should check for the reviews from previous buyers and decide whether it is worth working with them or not.

Don’t limit yourself with buying only one pack of commentaries — you should remind that the best results are usually happening when a person is running a complex and thought-through promotion. 


How to delete comments when somebody blocks you on Instagram?

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If somebody has blocked you on Insta, you have no longer access to their profile — therefore, you cannot in any way delete the commentaries that you have left on their page. But do you actually need to do it?

If a person decided to block you, they have probably already deleted all the signs of your presence on their page. You don’t need to worry about that. If this person is really unpleasant to you, you should think about deleting their commentaries from your page and the photos that include them as well.

This is what’s available for you to do any time!

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