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How to delete followers on Instagram?

Often enough people want to know if they can remove fake and spam subs fast and without blocking. It is very much-needed in situations when you’re developing your profile and in need of the best way to purge your followers count from robots and inactive users who are simply drowning your statistics without giving it anything positive.

Yes, the numbers are what everybody judges you on, but on IG there are nuances: if you have too many “dead souls” who are weighing your profile down, the algorithm will think of your page as a dead one as well and won’t show it in anybody’s feed or stories.

You’ll be getting fewer and fewer views and likes over the time. It’s bad, can you change that?

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“I want to get rid of the old, unwanted and ghost subs of mine fast and using an official IG app, is that possible?”

Well, sadly enough it is not: currently Instagram is not giving its users such a possibility and makes the lives of many people harder than they could be.

If you want to delete all of your subs from IG, that’s easy — just delete your page; but if you need to remove hundreds or thousands of subs quickly and automatically, the only way to do so would be turning to the third-party tools that can provide you with such an option.

How do you do it without paying any money? Well, sadly there is no way to mass remove people today. And it does not matter if you wish to remove them using your PC, Android or iOS — to pull off that trick easily you will have to put some money into special extensions, apps or software. 

If you need to temporarily delete a lot of followers, it might mean 2 things: you want to hide something from them or you’re just willing to ward some people off your business or personal page.

The good news is that you don’t need to delete them from your subs count for that: you can just restrict them and make their options of interacting with your content less sufficient. One of the main pros is that in this case all of your actions against them will remain unknown.

But if a certain account seriously bothers you, make sure to block and report it — online safety is no joke. 

How to delete multiple followers on Instagram? 

If you need to remove many IG subs at once, there are only paid services and apps that you can use; Insta itself doesn’t give its users an opportunity to remove groups of inactive or fake subs at once.

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Although if you see that the statistics are affected by those fakes and you don’t want to put some money into the process, you’d have to do it by hand and make a revision of all your subs.

How to delete Instagram followers in bulk? 

“I have tons of subs who are not following me back — how do I delete them in bulk online?” 

Sadly enough, IG itself has not yet come up with an option for people with such demand. When you want to delete a group of IG subs through an official app, you’d have to waste some time on coming on their profile and making them unfollow you by pressing a button under their bio.

But that takes so much time! We know: that’s why we would recommend you to turn your head to a third-party service that offers deleting several followers at once and saving yourself lots of time and effort. 

There are many of them, but we’d say that the nice ones are Cleaner for Instagram, Mass delete for IG and My ghost followers.

However, you can try to upload and use whichever you find convenient and helpful to you: keep in mind that most of them are paid and have lots of additional helpful features to analyze and promote your profile.

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If you are doing that, you probably care about your profile’s development — and to make it as efficient as possible you should also include an opportunity to buy Instagram followers in an amount that you find suitable for your account’s size.

In case, when you have just created a profile and have not so many posts and reactions from people, purchase subs in small portions to make the development process look natural and to not ruin the statistics.

If you’re already a big brand who has been having some stagnation in its development, buying thousands of subs might help to ensure other potential buyers and clients of yours that your content is still on top and is worth checking out. 


How do I delete all Instagram followers without profile pictures?

Unfortunately, IG today doesn’t offer any system that would help you sort the subs into two categories of active and inactive ones; however, the purge in your subs is definitely needed, if you’re trying to develop your content and keep the statistics up.

There are two options you can use: first one is going through all the subs without profile pictures manually and picking the ones who have deactivated their accounts, who weren’t online for quite a while or who are simply bots that are littering your profile’s subs count.

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If you don’t have the time to do it, you can turn for help to the paid services and programs that are analyzing IG profiles and giving the clients a full-on decoding of what each parameter in their profile means.

This decoding usually includes the number of subs and also has the ratio of ages and sexes among your followers, plus it gives the data of their last activity. That’s quite helpful for figuring out what should be improved in your profile to reach even better results in promotion. 

Why can I not delete followers on Instagram?

Well, some time ago you really couldn’t delete the subs that you’ve found unnecessary or bothering, but today there are several options to take on if you want to get rid of certain followers.

First of all, you can simply make them unfollow you by pressing a single button — come to their profile, find the tab “following you” and press it to make them unfollow your page. 

If that is too rude, you can restrict the account of a person that bothers you; from that moment the comments they leave will be seen by them only, plus they won’t get any notifications about you making a new post, it won’t be shown in their feed.

That’s a nice trick to use if you’re dealing with annoying siblings or colleagues who have no understanding of what’s necessary to say online and what’s not. 

The third option is blocking the page that bothers you: it will hide every post you have from them, they won’t be able to search for your account on IG, they won’t be able to see the stories and your subscriptions.

Blocking is great when you want to burn all the bridges between you and the person you’re blocking; this is a good defense against haters and spam accounts as well. 

How many Instagram followers can you delete?

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You can delete as many as you want, there is no limitation to it. But if you’re trying to develop your profile, we highly recommend you to get rid of inactive and fake profiles only; who knows why a certain person might be reading you: even if they don’t comment and leave you thumbs up — but they’re real people — you should leave them for the numbers. 

Is there a way to delete followers on Instagram?

Yes, of course. To delete a certain sub you should go to their profile and find the button “following you” (it’s right under their bio). Press on this button to make it go blue again — after that a person will unfollow you.

They won’t know that you have done it; even if they will notice it over time, they will blame it on Instagram algorithms. 

Is it okay to delete followers on Instagram?

It surely is! Each and every Instagram profile needs a good purge from time to time — if you are running an open account and you’re glad to see everybody as your new followers, there is a very big chance that you’re going to get bots accumulating in your subscribers.

And that might seem fine from the first sight, yet it is very much unlikely that these will show a positive impact on your page’s statistics. To make sure that you’re staying on top of your possibilities, you should remove bots and fakes from your subs count from time to time.

If you don’t have time to do it manually, you can turn to paid services and professionals, who are offering their services in terms of social media online development.

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