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How to copy Instagram comments

You probably already know that today you cannot copy the comments or the description text of the posts from the official Instagram app. That’s a shame, because to many people this option would save lots of time and effort.

However, we can only hope that IG techs will release this option in one of the future updates, and use a browser to copy the comments. Don’t worry, you can use your phone (let it be an iPhone or Android) and your computer for it: from PC it would be even easier though. 

But we want you to pay attention to the fact that if you’re willing to copy all your commentaries on Insta, it’s another story: to gather such data you’d need to go to settings and choose the option “access data”.

After that the file with the replica of all your posts and all your comments will be sent to your email (that you’ve used to register your account on IG).

Or you could turn for help to the third party services that offer gathering any type of information on Insta (about your account and about other people’s profiles as well if needed).

It might save you time, nerves and efforts, plus it can also give you some nice analytics to what you’re doing to your account now and what you should be doing towards reaching great online success. 

However, let’s get back to the question: how do you copy comments from blogs on Insta? Easy: there are three steps that you need to make.

First, replicate the link of the post which commentaries you want to replicate (it can be done by pressing the three dots button and choosing the option copy link). Then open the browser on your phone, any browser of choice will do, and put the copied link into the search box.

After that you’ll be asked to log into Instagram through the browser, do it and you will be redirected to the post itself.

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There, press on the comment you want to replicate, hold and you’ll see the copy cursors appearing on the page. Voila, now you can actually copy and paste the comment wherever you need.

How to copy and paste comments on Instagram

Can you replicate and paste comments on Instagram using an Android or iPhone official app? Well, the answer is no. How do you do it then?

Using a browser! All you need is to copy the link to the post that you want to replicate the commentaries or the description from and put into the address box of your phone’s browser.

After you authorize on Insta through the browser, you’ll be redirected to the post’s page. There, choose the commentary you want to copy and make a long press on it. After that you’ll see the copy cursor and you’re ready for action.

Select the part that you want to replicate, choose to copy and then paste it wherever you want. Yes, it is that simple!

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If you’re willing to copy the commentaries to later post them on your page from the fake accounts of yours because you desperately need commentaries (wow, that’s a tangled hack you’re ready to use), you can go an easier way and simply buy Instagram comments to fill in the gaps that you profile has.

Make sure that you’re buying the quality ones though: you need them to be proper and on topic, not the bots spamming in your comments section, nobody wants that.

To figure out the quality of the services that the company provides, read the reviews from their previous buyers and check their social media. Usually, these two steps are enough and help a lot to draw a conclusion.

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