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How to check views on Instagram video

If you’re new on Insta and trying to find your video views, it is quite easy to do: all you need to do is go to the video you want to analyze and press on the word “views” under it. After that, you will be redirected to a page with a list of the names of all users who have watched your video.

I must say that this is an important tool for understanding what content your audience would like to see on your page, but this alone will not be enough: if you are aimed at competent promotion, you should switch to a business account and evaluate more metrics than just likes and views.

After switching to a business account, you will be able to see exactly who is watching your videos and photos and reading your posts — up to age and gender, as well as the date of maximum activity on your page.

This is very convenient and sometimes allows you to refuse the services of an analyst — if you are ready to spend your own time analyzing the situation and building a competent content plan.

How to see views on Instagram video

How do you see the exact number of views on Instagram videos? It is easy: do you see the post that you’re willing to analyze? Great, now find the word “views” under it and press on this field. Here you will be able to check who has viewed your post.

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But what about the other metrics that we’ve talked about in the first paragraph? In fact, their use should be combined with other ways of promoting the account. For instance, you can buy Instagram views, as well as work with a specialist for promoting profiles in a social network.

Of course, this is not necessary — but if you have never done anything like this, you may not be able to analyze the “insides” of your account and set up targeted advertising.

By the way, today it can be configured only through Instagram — the specialist with whom you work may no longer understand the Facebook system, as it was before.

Try to treat the purchase of views wisely — do not try to immediately buy a huge package that will be disproportionate to your novice account. If you have almost no subscribers, likes and comments, you should not buy thousands of views for 2 or 3 posts that you already have.

It is always better to purchase any option for promotion “in portions”, so your development will look natural and will not cause questions neither from your audience, nor from those who support Instagram.

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