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How many followers on Instagram to make money

Lots of people come on IG to make money: today social media more and more often becomes rather a job to somebody, than a hobby. And that’s fine: why lose an opportunity like this when you can make the most out of it? 

But the thing is: you don’t need to gain a certain fixated number of readers to start making money. All you need for that is deciding what type of content you want to monetize and how, and start working towards this goal.

In the first place you need to create a certain “base” that would serve people who want to create an understanding of what type of person and blogger you are. And we’re talking not only of the audience, but also of your potential employees who can order an ad from you.

They should be able to clearly understand what kind of ad you can create and how efficient and helpful it’s going to be for them.

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Second of all, monetizing is great, but as we have noticed, you should come to the moment when people will be interested in working with you. For that your account should have a certain number of readers on it; and you can either wait a while to gain those, or you can take the situation in your hands and search for possibilities to gather them faster.

For example, the easiest way to do so would be using a chance to buy Instagram followers from a company that sells decent promo services. 

How many followers do you need to make money on Instagram 

There are no certain numbers needed, as we have said. “Do I get paid just because I have, let’s say, 10k subs?” That’s the deal — you don’t. But: you can make money even if you have several hundreds readers: if you have a local brand and your deeds are going good. 

But when you want to grow further and go beyond the frames of being just a small local brand, you need something more than that. And to gain more readers to have yourself a better reputation you need to gather more readers.

Buying them is a nice idea, but where? Is there a company that will give you quality services with a 1000% warranty of safety and efficiency?

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Basically, there is a chance, but you have to check everything twice. The best option is when you’re getting a recommendation from your friends and then you can be safe and sound: if they had a positive experience, it’s very possible that you’re going to have such too.

But if you’re relying on online reviews only, there is always a chance of failure and you should understand that. What do we mean by failure? When you’ve wanted to purchase real subscribers, and got the fake ones instead.

Fake subs can harm your profile and make your statistics worse than they were before; so, be careful with what and where you’re purchasing and consult the specialists if you have any questions arising. 

If you have any questions related to the promotion of the page, it is really better to ask for help right away — this will save you not only time and nerves, but also money. Often people rush to too big a piece of the pie and do not understand what and why they are doing.

It seems that if you buy as many paid services for promotion as possible, the faster everything will get better. But often this is not half the case — and in order to be so, you need to have a proven strategy and a good plan for several months ahead.

And it will concern not only the content, but also the monetization plan, the plan for targeted advertising and the types of audience involvement in stories and posts.

Remember that today social media is a daily job that it is not always possible to manage and manage to do on your own. In some situations, it is really better to try not to save money, but to do everything in order for the promotion to be fast and high-quality. Including paying professionals.

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