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How do Instagram views work

Why do we need Instagram views and how does the system of IG views work in general? So, as you know on IG we have photo, video and story format — you can post media content in posts and in your stories, which are temporary and will get deleted after 24 hours of being online.

But if we are talking about the statistics, stories are no less significant than posts, maybe even more significant than them. How come? 

On Instagram algorithms think of your profile as a resource that gives content to users — the more and the more frequently you give, the better your results are going to be.

IG “loves” people who keep up with their schedule of releasing posts, and does not like those who post irregularly.

If you post content once every three years, this social network will quickly put you on the list of outcasts and will not show your posts to anyone, except perhaps your best friends. And this, of course, is not the best strategy for the development of your account.

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Anyway, let’s get back closer to the issue of views: what do they have to do with the frequency of the release of posts?

The more often you post, the more views you will receive: for example, if you release one publication every 1-2 days, you will have a fairly constant number of views, and your only task will be to gradually increase them by attracting new subscribers to your profile.

But if you post irregularly, then you will not see a large number of views: and we are talking not only about posts, but also about stories, since they have even more influence on the channel statistics than posts.

Stories can be made engaging and bright in order to build a certain association with your content among your subs. It is stories that become sellers, advertising a product or service to the maximum.

While the posts serve simply as a source of basic information about the brand and about the specific products that it produces. In the case of a business page, the same thing happens, only services/places/events come in place of products.

It is also worth mentioning that counting views is necessary for a proper understanding of the development that your account is going through.

A detailed summary of the number of plays, the time they were received and a little information about those who viewed your content is available in the “statistics” tab, which is available for each business account.

So if you still haven’t moved your page to the “business” status, do it right now.

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How can I get more views with the same number of subscribers? It is unlikely that you will be able to significantly increase the number, but you can try to follow two rules: 1) post regularly 2) engage the audience with questions at the end of posts, votes in stories, etc.

Even these small life hacks will allow you to increase the number of views and, maybe, likes. Then you can only rely on a gradual influx of new subscribers. 

If you do not have the opportunity to pump and improve your account for a long time on your own, you can always ask for help from advertisers or companies that allow you to buy Instagram views in any amount you need.

Here, in fact, quality will also play a role — if your photos and videos are viewed by bots, Instagram will not want to recommend your account to other living people, will not consider it useful.

But if you buy high-quality views from real people, the situation will develop in the opposite way. Do not be afraid to turn to paid services, they are completely safe and will only have a positive impact on your social network account.

Moreover, if you are trying to comprehensively promote your content, perhaps you should think about promoting several accounts in social networks at once — cross-posting helps to attract a lot of new subscribers who are sincerely interested in what you are doing.

Also remember that you can and should use internal advertising algorithms and correctly configure targeted advertising: then a large number of views, new subscribers and likes will be guaranteed to you.

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