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Get comments on Instagram

Comments are the thing that creates the most difficulties for people who are willing to promote their content: nowadays social media users get used to quick reactions, and do not want to write any comments at all and spend time evaluating content.

Meanwhile, this is still important and helps other people who plan to subscribe to a page, draw conclusions about it and decide whether they need it or not.

Insta comments - Vip IG

Instagram app doesn’t give any chances to develop the profile for free — and the side websites that sell commentaries for Instagram don’t do it as well.

Anticipating your questions: no, there is no secure apk, hack, software or any generator that will be able to wind up the number of notes under the posts for free. This is simply impossible — any good service must be paid for, there are real people behind it, not bots.

Comments from bots are absolutely not needed by anyone: they are stupid, strange and kill the reputation of a blogger once and for all when something like this appears in huge quantities under his publication.

No matter if you have an iPhone or an Android, you still have to look for a website that sells nice quality services and cooperates with people who are keen on leaving other people commentaries and thumbs up to help their profiles grow. 

How to get comments on Instagram 

So, let’s say you’ve made a decision to get yourself more comments: what you should start with? Look at the number of your posts and decide how many commentaries you want to see under each one of them. 5, 10, 50? Okay.

Now multiply this number by the number of posts you have in your profile. This will be the number of comments that you need to buy. But there is a caveat: you definitely should not try to cram all this into one purchase.

Divide the resulting amount by 3 or 4 — this is the number of weeks (or months) in which you will be able to receive these comments in the form of a subscription.

It will be much more natural and natural, and your reputation as a blogger will not suffer. No one will understand that you have resorted to the help of paid services.

Comments Instagram - Vip IG

And it will be even better if, along with the chance to buy Instagram comments, you would use the opportunity to purchase thumbs up, views for stories and subs. This is one of the possible options: you can combine any paid options and create customized packages for your profile from them.

This is the surest option, as it will look as natural as possible. It’s as if your profile develops by itself — no one will notice that professionals had a hand in it. 

Add here constant interaction with the audience and high-quality daily content, and you can easily achieve your goals and start monetizing your blog on Instagram. Go ahead and good luck!

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