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When people start to promote their profiles on Insta, they think of comments as something not so important: they yearn to get as many subs and likes as possible, while they pay almost no attention to the commentaries that they get (most likely, don’t get) on the app.

And if they’re paying attention, they can only comprehend buying trial or bot generated comments for their posts, and that can harm the profile that they’re trying to develop. How come this parameter stays so unattended and should we change something about that? For sure! But how?

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Commentaries are almost the main thing that other people are going to judge your account by. Thumbs up and subs can be easily screwed up (yes, even for free), but with comments such a trick will not work.

It is very easy to understand which note was written by a real person and which one by a bot. We think you know how to distinguish such things yourself. If you see a link or repeated words or a huge number of inappropriate emojis in a comment, the conclusions suggest themselves.

But if there is a comment on the topic, and there may even be likes and answers on it, the situation is rapidly getting better. Such comments act as a marker of the success of the profile.

If there are such under your posts (or maybe there are even a lot of them!) this indicates that you understand something about high-quality content.

Get comments on Instagram for free

How to get free comments on posts and make them custom? That’s possible, as the online sphere of social media promotion grows tremendously and offers something new to people almost daily. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It will be enough to just find a company that can give you the opportunity to buy Instagram comments from real people. As we have already noted, this is possible, but it may take you some time to find such a responsible company.

We would recommend asking around friends and acquaintances who are also puzzled by the promotion of their pages in social networks. It is quite possible that they will be able to give you the contacts of those places where they themselves purchased such a service.

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Even if it seemed to you that you found a great resource, do not rush to conclusions. Check out their portfolio and look at examples of their work — it would be cool to go to the pages that received paid comments from them and evaluate how adequate and human they look.

If there is such an opportunity, it’s great, if there is not, you can just study the reviews of previous customers or talk with the company’s managers. In any case, before buying, you need to understand whether you can trust this resource and what experience it already has.

Do not forget that the main layer of promotion work is still on you — you need to take care of high-quality content, you need to constantly give feedback to your audience and you need to remember exactly what goals you want to achieve in the process of current advertising and what you will set in the future.

The combination of all these factors will lead you to success, the main thing is not to neglect anything and invest enough time and effort in each stage and step.

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