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Fake Instagram comments

Have you ever thought of how you can make your Instagram comments section better? Yes, almost everyone who’s trying to promote their page runs into the problem of having not enough commentaries: no matter how hard they try to create content that would interest and bother people, most of them still don’t want to say a word about it.

And that’s when they start to look for a generator, a bot, a trial pack of real comments that would solve all of their problems once and for all.

Bad news is that’s not going to help: oafish, silly and filled with links — fake comments like this can only harm somebody’s profile’s statistics and their reputation as well. Is there any alternative? Yes. What is it? 

In general, you have two options: rely on yourself and try to involve people in discussions, or find a subscription service that will regularly deliver adequately written comments to your profile.

Both options are not as simple as it seems, but both are quite effective: the first requires time and effort, and the second one — only money. It’s up to you to choose, but we would say that without a paid service, abeginner will have quite a hard time.

Since no involvement will work if people don’t see that someone has already evaluated the content and found it necessary to comment and speak out. That’s how human psychology works, and you can’t go against it.

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But how do I find a paid subscription with good comments? We don’t want to get hundreds of notes written by bots: so it may come to a shadow ban from the Instagram algorithm, which will consider our page to be the same — fake.

In fact, there are companies that sell good, real comments from real people, but you have to spend a little time to find them. They even have trial free packages that allow you to pre-evaluate the quality of the services provided — it sounds like a wonderful fairy tale, right? But it’s all quite real!

Instagram comments - Vip IG

But even if you get good comments for your profile, you should not give up and stop doing the comments section in principle.

You still need to be online for your audience, answer their questions, like the notes you like and also do not forget that you can write in private messages. Interaction with people is the key to success, which in no case should be neglected — after all, the whole point of social media is just communication!

If you are social, you will have to yourself and learn to like people (both with your content and your charisma), there will be no limit to your success. And a chance to buy Instagram comments should only be a start-up tool for you, not the main instrument of your promotion.


How to get free fake comments on Instagram?

To get free fake commentaries you should look up a company that sells them and ask for the trial package. It can be either put forward on their website already, or you can ask for a personal trial from a manager.

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