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Does Instagram count your own views

It would be just great if Instagram counted your own views on your profile post video or a story — however, it doesn’t, and you really have to make it possible for other people to love your content to gain more plays and replays of what you have posted.

All the plays that come to your profile should come from other people for Instagram to really count them, otherwise you will be just spending time constantly rewatching your own posts. It’s useless and gives false hopes. 

Does Instagram count your own video views

Instagram doesn’t count your own multiple views on your videos — sadly, you really can’t help yourself with that one. To gain more views, thumbs up and any other features, you need to attract attention from other users.

How do you do it, if you have literally no bonds on this social media except for several dozens of your friends and family. This won’t be enough to make your account thrive like you want it to, what should you do?

Check Instagram video views - Vip IG

Well, fortunately, there is such a thing as paid promotion, and you can really rely on its results if you think about everything ahead. What can it consist of? You can hire a manager for your Instagram profile, who will teach you how to organize the content in the proper way and will put your profile on the right track in general.

But this is not enough — to gain quick results you need to pay your attention to a unique possibility to buy Instagram views that will eventually give you what you’re looking for. 

Of course, paid views are not everything, and they must be combined with high-quality content and a constant online presence for your audience, but they are an important component of online success. There are no other options for novice bloggers, except to try to support themselves by buying views and likes for their content.

Anyway, the main thing is to plan everything in advance and treat this purchase correctly — do not miss more than you need, do not try to buy a huge amount at once if you still have a new account and always consult with managers if you have any questions.

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