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Can you see who views your Instagram videos

Can u see who views your Instagram videos? Well, yes, you can — owner of the Instagram account can very easily tell who’s watching their videos and photos. Is there a way to tell if a certain person has watched your post?

Unfortunately, the system is not that advanced now, and you cannot search particular people in the number of views under your post.

But you should know for sure that Instagram actually offers quite advanced tracking of who viewed your posts and stories if you have a business account — in its statistics you can find out the gender, age and location of people who are interested in your content.

This is fundamentally important for those people who want to understand exactly how they should develop their page in this social media.

How to see who views your videos on Instagram 

So, how to know who viewed your IG video? Quite simply: under the video post you will see the word “views” — click on it, and a new window will open with a list of people who have viewed this video.

If you need more specific statistics with coverage and actions from the publication, we strongly recommend that you transfer your account to business — this way you can analyze in detail what is happening with your content and what needs to be corrected in it to achieve the best results.

Insta video views - Vip IG

Instagram offers a lot of cool tools for running business accounts — you can literally interact with your audience as you like, without leaving Instagram. You don’t need any third-party services and sites to get started.

Previously it was mandatory to set up a Facebook business, but now the overwhelming number of accounts do without it. To bring the positive results from the promotion to the maximum, you need to connect paid services — for instance, you can buy Instagram views for your video posts.

Now people are increasingly trying to use video content to attract the attention of their viewers or potential customers. In any manner, the views will not be superfluous, even if you only have a few video posts publicated.

If you have not previously placed bets on such content, pay attention to this gap and eliminate it, and simultaneously support yourself with paid views for video posts.

Views on insta video - Vip IG

In any case, do not forget that the promotion of the profile must be thought through-do not try to buy too many likes or subscribers, do not try to jump over your head and sensibly assess your potential and your capabilities.

It is better to buy a lot of views divided in several purchases than for one and at the same time arouse suspicion from technical support.

If you are in doubt about any of your decisions, it is always a good choice to consult with the manager of the company where you are going to buy views. This will help you adjust your action plan and make the right decision.


Is it possible to see who views your Instagram videos?

Yes, to do so simply click on the word “views” under the video post and you will be redirected to the page with the list of people who have viewed your publication.

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