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Can you edit Instagram comments?

Sometimes we make decisions way too quickly and pity them later; it goes to writing commentaries on social media as well. Unfortunately, not every platform offers the option of editing the comments: and Instagram is one of those platforms.

Can you edit your commentaries on Insta? You must have already guessed it: there is no such possibility today.

If you think that you will be able to find another article that will tell you “how to”, just leave that idea behind: maybe one day IG will create a new feature that will give its users a chance to change the commentaries up, but today it is not possible.

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Are you able to engage with your comments in any way? Yes. Do you have a chance to leave a mark of some kind if you loved the comment?

Also, yes. Basically, today there are four options available for Instagram commentaries: you can either like them and show support to the person, who left them, or you can delete them (if this is your reply on somebody’s post), or you can answer to them, or you can report them if there is something that violates the community guidelines in them.

You can also delete anybody’s comments on your own publications; that’s the best way to moderate people’s opinions on your profile; don’t hesitate to do so if you find any comments bothering or uncomfortable for you in any way.

If you haven’t yet gained enough commentaries on your posts, you can apply for help from professional promoters: they will gladly provide you with a chance to buy Instagram comments, that are highly demanded if you want to make other people think that your profile is already successful and interesting to follow.

You should look closely at what kind of commentaries this company delivers though: if those are oafish texts from bots, ignore that agency and look for another one. If their commentaries are adequate and on topic, you should cooperate with them.

Check the reviews from previous clients as well: the opinions that the previous buyers have formed can really help you with picking the right services.

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Why can’t you edit Instagram comments? 

You can’t edit the commentaries on Instagram today. Things are this way for the reason that at the moment Instagram does not allow users to perform any actions with comments, except for likes and deletion. Possibly the situation will change later, but so far there has been no news about such innovations.

How long can you edit Instagram comments? 

You can’t edit comments on Instagram — at all. There is no interval in which you could have time to make changes. If you want to change the text in the comment, you should simply delete it and write a new one. After all, this is a normal practice and no one will think anything bad about you if you have changed your mind.

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