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Let’s figure out why people are buying followers for Instagram and are emptying their PayPal to take on various paid promo services. If we read some review on what different people are thinking about services for accounts development, we would be able to find a ton of various opinions.

How much does it cost to buy a quality Insta subs pack? Well, depends; and it especially depends on what different people think of quality services. Some are sure that taking on 500 or even 1000 fake subs is okay, whilst we think oppositely.

If you’re willing to develop your blog qualitatively these days, it is extremely important to keep your subs organic, for Instagram algorithms today very clearly see the difference between fake and natural.

If your page will be flooded with bots (even if there are 50 of them coming to your page a day) it’s going to seriously affect your statistics and make your profile suffer.

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Need permanent success for business or for personal needs? Get away from bots that allow you to better your profile “with no password, no survey, in a second and no money needed”. It doesn’t work like this anymore.

Your promotion should consist of engaged IG subs that are actual people who have found their way to your page due to the company that helps with the account’s promotion. 

But how do you start if you have no clue about promo? Is there no way to get some subs for free? Well, there is a way: it’s called taking on a trial that consists normally of 10-50 free subs. But (and that’s extra important!) not more than that.

If you see packs with thousands and thousands of subscribers and a website asks for no money from you, it’s very suspicious and will end probably either with data leakage or with you losing your money over a scam. 

How to buy Instagram followers 

So when you want to buy followers “for free” you should leave that aside and realize that to get legit results you’d have to put more of your money in Instagram development. Fake subs will be easily viewed even through the app itself, no additional analysis required for that.

If you want to save your reputation and make yourself seem like a naturally popular blogger, this way is not for you. 

Buy real Instagram followers 

Can you buy real active and targeted followers and is there the best site for that? Well, you should know that targeted subs are going to cost more, as there is more work for a company to do to attract these special people to your profile.

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But yes, there is the best place where you can buy Instagram followers — and we have just given you a clue on where to find it. Use it wisely! 

Buy Instagram followers cheap 

And while you’re deciding where to purchase, keep in mind that instant delivery of subs costs money, and a pack with 1000 followers won’t cost $1. It’s just too little for a thing like this. $5 is kind of okay for several hundreds, but it really depends on the company itself.

If you want fast service and consultation, it will cost a little bit more, and the price is going to include that service in it. The cheapest subs are a thing, but you should be very careful with what you’re buying and where you’re buying it from. 

But before you move on to buying this kind of services, you need to think carefully about why you are buying them and what short-term and long-term effect this will have. Perhaps you overestimate your goals and at the moment you need a lot less promo services so as not to arouse suspicion from your existing audience.

Or it’s quite the opposite — one way or another, you need to develop promotional campaign strategies before you start it. Thoughtlessness can negate all efforts to make your profile better.


Is it legal to buy followers on Instagram?

Yes, it is, but you should really take care and purchase real subscribers only, as the fake ones can draw unwanted attention from the technicians and the Insta algorithms. Shadow ban is a thing and nobody wants to get into it.

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